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Research Grants

For the 2022-2023 grant year (May 1, 2022 – April 30, 2023), FIFSW researchers were awarded a total of $6.1 million in grant funding. Below is a list (in alphabetical order) of successful grants.

New grants starting in the 2024-2022 grant year

 Investigator  Role   in   Grant   Title  Sponsor  Grant   Duration
Rachelle Ashcroft

PI Creating a National Vision and Building Capacity for the Role of Social Work in Primary Care College of Family Physicians of Canada 2023-2024
PI Phase 3 – Patients Experiences with Virtual Care in Primary Care across Ontario Health and Long-Term Care (ON), Min 2023-2024
Stephanie Begun
PI Sharing in the Healing Journey Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) 2023-2025
PI The CART Access project: Advancing access to abortion for under-served populations through tools for healthcare professionals and people seeking care Unknown 2023-2024
PI “Transit Access Project (TAP) For Youth Research Project” Richard B. Splane Award- FIFSW 2022-2023
Rupaleem Bhuyan  PI  REVISED: A critical knowledge synthesis of the complex role of digital technologies in perpetuating and addressing gender-based violence among racialized (im)migrant populations Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2022-2023
David Brennan PI Community-Centred Responses to 2SLGBTQ+ COVID-19 Mental Health Impacts Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) 2022-2024
David Burnes PI Implementing and Testing RISE: Addressing a Gap in Community-Based Elder Abuse Response Intervention Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) 2023-2025
Shelley Craig

PI INQYR Canada-UK Student Summit Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2023-2024
PI The INQYR Interdisciplinary Education Symposium (INQYRIES) Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2022-2023
Andrew Eaton   Identity development, attraction, and behaviour of heterosexually-identified men who have sex with men Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2022-2025
Lin Fang

PI Asian Parents Participatory Action (APPA): A Community-University Partnership to Curate an Asian-Centred Approach to Talking about Racism at Home Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2023-2026
PI The “Invisibilized” Canadians: Exposing the Unseen and Unheard Stories of Anti-Asian Racism Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2022-2023
Barbara Fallon

PI Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child and Family Services: Informing Decisions with Data Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag C&FS 2023-2024
PI Reflecting our Diverse Scholarship and Communities: Considerations for Research Data Management Practices Research and Innovation (ON), Min o 2022-2023
PI The Child Welfare Toolkit Law Foundation of Ontario 2022-2024
PI Durham Children’s Aid Society: The Durham Model Evaluation Durham Children’s Aid Society 2023-2025
PI Indigenous Youth Leaving Care – From State Care into Homelessness: Prevention and Early Intervention NCE:Making the Shift (MtS) Network 2022-2024
PI Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect, 2023 (OIS-2023) Children,Commun & Social Serv(ON),M 2022-2025
Kyle Ganson PI “Assessing Canadian Regulations of Weight-Loss and MuscleBuilding Dietary Supplements: A Policy Analysis” Richard B. Splane Award- FIFSW 2022-2023

Amanda Grenier

PI  Aging, disadvantage and inequality: Building age inclusive futures Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2022-2023

Bryn King

PI  Child to Parent Violence and Aggression (CPVA): Reviewing the Research Justice Canada 2022-2023

Toula Kourgiantakis


PI  Strengthening Social Work Practice with Youth Using Cannabis UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO 2022
PI A Critical Exploration of Youth Suicide and Systems of Care: Understanding Perspectives of Parents and Caregivers Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2022-2023
Carmen Logie PI  Confluency: A flowing together of transdisciplinary and arts-based approaches towards just water futures Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2023
PI  Women Migrants’ Health and Work after COVID-19: An Intersectional and Comparative Study in Malaysia and Thailand (IDRC Woman RISE Initiative 2022) International Development Research 2022-2024
PI  Amazzi bulamu (weather and wellbeing): Climate change, resource scarcity, and pathways to the HIV care cascade among youth living with HIV in Central and Eastern Uganda CIHR 2022-2026
PI HIV C-4 (Cascade & Climate Change Cohort): Identifying mechanistic pathways from climate-related factors to HIV prevention and care outcomes in rural and urban Tanzania CIHR 2023-2024
PI Global Health Equity & Social Justice with Marginalized Populations CRC – SSHRC 2023-2028
Notisha Massaquoi PI “Brief eHealth Counselling Intervention Effectiveness with Diverse LGBT+ People” Richard B. Splane Award 2022-2023
Peter Newman PI Intersections of HIV and COVID-19 vulnerabilities and strengths among marginalized populations: A mixed methods study MITACS(Mathematics of Info Tech & 2022-2023
Cheryl Regehr PI Workplace Violence in a Digital Age: Cyberaggression Against Child Welfare Workers Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2023-2024
Michael Saini  PI Adapting the Trauma Informed Principles to Family Court: A Survey Examining Professionals Perception AFCC Ontario 2023-2025
Izumi Sakamoto PI Did the University Students’ Perception of Anti-Asian Racism Change through the COVID-19 Pandemic? An Exploratory Study. Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2023-2024
PI “Beyond “Wu Nai” (being hopeless about the experiences of racism): Documenting and Analyzing Activism and Advocacy Efforts Against Anti-Asian Racism” Richard B. Splane Award- FIFSW 2022-2023
Harry Taylor PI Social Isolation and Loneliness among Racialized Older Canadians Connaught Fund 2023-2025
Jia Xue PI  The use of virtual reality in the study of bystanders’ behaviors for sexual and dating violence Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2023-2024
Daniyal Zuberi PI Poverty Reduction in the Peel Region: System Mapping and Community-Engaged Research Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2023-2026


All current grants

Investigator Role in Grant Title Sponsor Grant Duration
Stephanie Begun PI The Real TO: Engaging Youth as Researchers and Change Agents in a Tumultuous Time Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2021-2023
PI An Examination of Homeless Youths’ Longitudinal Aftercare Experiences Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2019-2023
Rupaleem Bhuyan PI Bordering practices in child welfare: Assessing risk for child abuse and maltreatment within non-citizen immigrant families Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2020-2024
David J. Brennan PI Examining Gay and Bisexual Men’s acceptability of, and experiences with, HIV Treatment as Prevention Strategies The Ontario HIV Treatment Network 2021-2023
David Burnes PI What Does Engagement Look Like with Victims of Elder Abuse in Community Support Services? Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2020-2024

Esme Fuller-Thomson

PI The Well-Being of Older Refugees in Canada: A Mixed-Method Study Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2020-2023
Kyle Ganson
PI Muscle-Enhancing Behaviors and Performance-Enhancing Substance Use among Canadian Young People: A Grounded Theory Study  Social Sciences & Humanities-Insight Development Grant  2021-2023 
PI Biohacking behaviours among adolescents and young adults in Canada  Connaught Fund-New Researcher Award  2021-2023
Amanda Grenier PI Consent and Substitute Consent to Participate in Research: Ethics and Legal Practice for the Meaningful Inclusion of Canadians Living with Dementia  Alzheimer Society of Canada  2021-2024 
Bryn King

PI Digital Storytelling Partnership for Youth Impacted by Dual Pandemics Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2021-2023
PI Developmental Disruptions: Adolescent Involvement in the Ontario Child Welfare System Research and Innovation (ON Ministry) 2018-2023
Eunjung Lee

PI Fostering Socially Just and Culturally Competent Practice (SJCCP) in Social Work Education: Simulation-Based Learning (SBL) using Digital Technologies to Create an Innovative E-learning Space Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2020-2024
Carmen Logie PI An innovative approach to resource scarcity: Using participatory mapping to advance planetary health among very young adolescents in Kenya Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2021-2024
PI Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Ecosocial Approaches to Improve Mental Health Outcomes Among Urban Refugee and Displaced Adolescents and Youth in Uganda CIHR – Grants 2021-2023
PI Exploring Pathways to Sexual and Reproductive Health in a Cohort Study with Northern and Indigenous Youth in the Northwest Territories, Canada CIHR 2020-2025
PI A virtual reality intervention to improve mental health literacy among urban refugee youth in Uganda  Grand Challenges Canada-Stars in Global Health  2021-2023 
PI Woli Na Kelan (Planetary Health): A multi-method study of refugee adolescent and youth perspectives and aspirations  Social Sciences & Humanities-Insight Grant  2021-2024 
PI Canada Research Chair in Global Health Equity and Social Justice with Marginalized Populations CRC – SSHRC 2018-2023
Lynn McDonald PI Resident-to-Resident Abuse in Long-Term Care: Reporting for Change CIHR 2021-2027
Peter Newman

PI MFARR-Asia Computer-Assisted Survey Interview and Participatory Video Production Lab Canada Foundation for Innovation – IOF 2020-2025
PI Mobilizing for a Research Revolution to Ensure LGBTIQ Inclusion in Asia: A High-impact, Transformative International Partnership (MFARR-Asia) Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2018-2026
Amanda Noble

PI Youth Homelessness and Sex Trafficking in Canada  NCE: Making the Shift (MtS) Network  2021-2023 
Tanya L. Sharpe CoPI Survivors of Homicide Victims and Mental Health Project Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario 2021-2023
PI Invisible wounds: Exploring the experiences of African, Caribbean and Black survivors of homicide victims Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2020-2023
Micheal Shier PI Human Service Organizations and Social Purpose Driven For-Profit Activities  Social Sciences & Humanities-Insight Grant  2021-2024
Ka Tat Tsang PI Exploring the Social Service Needs of Muslims in Ontario: A Community Based Partnership Approach Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2021-2025
Ashley Quinn

PI The Cultural Landscape of the Inuit Diaspora: An Exploration of Inuit Culture Outside of Inuit Nunangat Connaught Fund Community Partnership Research Program Indigenous Stream 2021-2023