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Research Grants

Collectively, FIFSW faculty members currently hold 92 grants totaling almost $5 million.

Included in this total are 28 new grants, totaling $1.9 million, that faculty received in the 2019/2020 academic year.


All current grants

Investigator Role in Grant Title Sponsor Grant Duration
Ramona Alaggia PI Ripple Effects: Examining the Impact of the #MeToo Movement on Sexual Violence Disclosures in Canada Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2019-2022
PI Fostering Resilience in Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence Going Through Separation and Divorce, 3rd European Domestic Violence Conference, Sept 1-4, 2019, Oslo, Norway Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2019-2020
CoI Preventing Gender-Based Violence: Youth Healthy Relationship Program Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre, PHAC subgrant 2018-2022
CoI Uncovering Pathways and Processes of Child Sexual Abuse Disclosures McGill University, SSHRC subgrant 2017-2019
CoI In Search of Promising Practices University of Manitoba, SSHRC subgrant 2016-2021
PI Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence: Expanding Our Understanding of Vulnerabilities and Resiliencies Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2014-2018
Rachelle Ashcroft PI Patient Perspectives of the Incentives and Disincentives for Quality Mental Health Care in Ontario Family Health Teams Connaught Fund 2017-2019
PI Incentives and disincentives for treating depression and anxiety in Ontario Family Health Teams CIHR – Grants 2016-2018
Stephanie Begun PI An Examination of Homeless Youths’ Longitudinal Aftercare Experiences Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2019-2023
PI Connect-2-Choice: Using Human-Centred Design Thinking to Enhance Resources Available to Women Accessing Violence Against Women and Homelessness Services Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2019-2020
PI Pregnancy and Family Planning among Young Women Experiencing Homelessness in Canada: Exploring Youths’ Attitudes, Experiences, and Needs for Reproductive and Sexual Health Information and Services Connaught Fund 2018-2020
PI Exploring the Potential Benefits of Engaging Homeless Youth in Group-Based Improv Training Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2018-2019
Rupaleem Bhuyan N/A (travel award) Dignity and Immigration (invited panelist) and ‘Migrant caregivers’ right to family reunification in Canada: A framing analysis of public policy and migrant caregivers’ demands. Presentation at Ann Meeting of Law Society Assoc, MA Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2019-2020
PI Contesting citizenship and belonging: Social Workers’ Response to India’s Citizenship Act to incorporate undocumented Bangladeshi into the body politic Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2018-2019
PI The Praxis of Migrant Transformative Resilience: Understanding how collective action among immigrant communities impacts on resilience and system change. York University subgrant, SSHRC Partnership Grant, Building Migrant Resilience in Urban Canada: Discovering Strengths and Building Capacity 2018-2019
CoI Analysis of governance structures and policy discourses shaping migration and resilience: an examination of Canada’s federal, provincial and municipal governments York University subgrant, SSHRC Partnership Grant, Building Migrant Resilience in Urban Canada: Discovering Strengths and Building Capacity 2018-2020
David J. Brennan PI Streamlining HIV Prevention for Gay and Bisexual Men in Toronto:  Exploring Task-Shifting Opportunities Connaught Fund 2019-2021
PI Shifting Paradigms: Developing the Next Generation of HIV/STI Prevention Tools for Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men — HIV Endgame Leader Awards – Chair Award The Ontario HIV Treatment Network 2019-2022
PI Measuring the impact of an innovative community-based peer-led app intervention to address the sexual health of gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men CIHR – Grants 2018-2019
PI Assessing alternative CBS blood donor deferral screening policies for men who have sex with men Canadian Blood Services 2017-2019
PI The Investigaytors Initiative The Ontario HIV Treatment Network 2017-2019 and 2019-2020
PI Exploring the sex- and health-seeking practices within evolving online environments of gay, bisexual, two-spirit and other men who have sex with men in Ontario: The role of online outreach for prevention and care CIHR – Grants 2016-2019
PI A Mixed Method Exploration of Sexual Behaviour, Social Networks and Health Services Engagement among Younger Gay, Bisexual, and other Men who use the Internet to Seek Sex with Men (MISM) in Ontario Cdn Foundation for AIDS Research 2014-2019
PI OHTN Applied HIV Research Chair: Examining Emerging Technology to Promote Optimal Wellness for Marginalized Gay & Bisexual Men The Ontario HIV Treatment Network 2014-2019
David Burnes PI Toward the Development of Evidenced-Based Adult Protective Services Practice: Implementation of a Service Planning/Intervention-Phase Model Administration for Community Living (US) 2019
PI Understanding the Causes, Consequences, and Severity of Elder Mistreatment: A Longitudinal, Population-Based Study National Institutes of Health (US) 2018-2020
Co-PI Developing a Taxonomy of Successful Case Outcomes for Elder Abuse Interventions National Institute of Justice 2018-2019
PI Addressing the Challenges of Client Retention and Service Utilization in Elder Abuse Interventions Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2017-2020
PI Goal Attainment Scaling – A Client-Centered Measure of Success in Elder Mistreatment Adult Protective Services Elder Justice Foundation 2016-2018
Shelley L. Craig PI Facilitating the Resilience of Sexual and Gender Minority Youth: An Infrastructure to Leverage Research and Technology Canada Foundation for Innovation 2019-2020
PI Mobilization LGBTQ+ Conocimento: The Inaugural INQYR Student Symposium (TISS-Mexico) Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2019-2020
PI The intersecting cognitive and aging needs of HIV-positive older adults: Implications for social work practice CIHR – Awards 2017-2018
PI [F1]inding Support: Connecting LGBTQI2S Youth to High-Quality, Online Health and Mental Health Resources CIHR – Awards 2017-2018
PI Project AFFIRM: Delivering Affirmative Coping Skills Programs to Prevent HIV and Hepatitis C Public Health Agency of Canada 2017-2022
PI Queery’ing Resilience: Leveraging information & communication technologies to negotiate gender and sexual minority youth identity and wellbeing within diverse global contexts Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2017-2025
PI Canada Research Chair of Sexual and Gender Minority Youth CRC – SSHRC 2016-2021
Barbara Fallon PI Canadian/First Nations Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect/FNIS Assembly of First Nations 2018-2022
PI Understanding Developmental Trauma to Inform Policy and Practice for Vulnerable Children and Their Families Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2018-2019
PI 2018 Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child OIS-2018 Children and Youth Services (ON) 2017-2020
PI Ontario Child Abuse and Neglect Data System: Performance Indicator Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Society 2017-2020
PI Tracking Trajectories for Vulnerable Children Canada Foundation for Innovation 2016-2020
PI Canada Research Chair in Child Welfare CRC – SSHRC 2016-2021
CoI Rights for Children and Youth Partnership: Strengthening Collaboration in the Americas Ryerson University, SSHRC subgrant 2016-2021
PI Understanding the Influence of Organizations on Child Welfare Service Delivery Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2016-2019
PI Highland Shore’s Children’s Aid Society Highland Shores Children’s Aid Society 2015-2019
Lin Fang PI “This is my Regent Park”: Perspectives from Young People Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2019-2020
PI Understanding the Impact of the Ridgeway Community Court Erin Mills Youth Center 2017-2019
Esme Fuller-Thomson PI From Surviving to Flourishing: Factor Associated with Optimal Well-Being among Childhood Physical and Sexual Abuse Survivors Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2016-2019
Amanda Grenier Co PI CC1 K-MOB Research: Understanding and Enacting KMb NCE: AGE-WELL 2016-2020
David Hulchanski PI Neighbourhood Inequality, Diversity, and Change: Trends, Processes, Consequences, and Policy Options for Canada’s Large Metropolitan Areas Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2012-2021
Bryn King PI Developmental Disruptions: Adolescent Involvement in the Ontario Child Welfare System Research and Innovation (ON Ministry) 2018-2023
PI Promoting Attachment and Mitigating the Risk of Infant Maltreatment among Young Expectant Mothers Involved in the Child Welfare System Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2018-2021
PI Developmental Disruptions: Adolescent Involvement in the Child Welfare System in Ontario Connaught Fund 2017-2019
Eunjung Lee PI A mapping review of empirically supported treatments (ESTs) for trauma Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2019-2020
Carmen Logie PI Social Ecological Approaches to Research on Care for HIV (S.E.A.R.C.H.): A pilot study of an ecological momentary intervention to improve antiretroviral therapy adherence with gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in Jamaica CIHR – Grants 2019-2020
PI Fostering Open eXpression among Youth (F.O.X.Y.) and Strengths, Masculinities and Sexual Health (S.M.A.S.H.): Exploring Pathways to Sexual and Reproductive Health in a Cohort Study with Northern and Indigenous Youth CIHR – Grants 2019-2020
PI CTN top up funding for TEACHH University of British Columbia, CIHR subgrant 2019-2022
PI TEACHH: Transgender women removing healthcare barriers to engagement in the HIV prevention and care cascades: The development and pilot study of Transgender Education for Affirmative and Competent HIV and Healthcare CIHR – Grants 2018-2019
PI Tushirikiane (Supporting Each Other): Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Novel HIV Self-Testing Delivery Approaches with Urban Displaced and Refugee Adolescent Girls in Uganda CIHR – Grants 2018-2021
PI Canada Research Chair in Global Health Equity and Social Justice with Marginalized Populations CRC – SSHRC 2018-2023
PI Exploring Grassroots Knowledge and Coalition Building Across Sexual Rights Social Movements Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2018-2020
PI Developing a Community-based, Interdisciplinary Research Agenda to Advance HIV Prevention and Care Cascades in Refugee Settlements in Uganda CIHR – Grants 2017-2018
PI Understanding syndemics and HIV/STI vulnerability among Indigenous and Northern youth in the Northwest Territories CIHR – Grants 2016-2019
PI Advancing Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV Prevention Among Young Women Research and Innovation (ON Ministry) 2016-2021
PI Social ecologies of resilience and teen dating violence among Aboriginal and Northern youth in the Northwest Territories Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2016-2020
PI Digital Storytelling and Mobile Media Lab Canada Foundation for Innovation 2015-2020
Lynn McDonald PI “S/AGE– Social dimensions of AGEing”: 2019 Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2019-2020
PI InKind: Intergenerational Knowledge Innovation and Dissemination Network Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2019-2020
PI “Transitions – Aging Across the Life Course”: 2018 Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2018-2019
PI The Invisible Epidemic: A Spotlight on the Opioid Crisis Among Seniors CIHR – Grants 2018
Faye Mishna PI Consensual and non-consensual sexting in adolescence: Challenging conventional wisdom Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2019-2022
PI #SocialWork: Informal ICT Use as Adjunct to Traditional Face-to-Face Practice Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2016-2020
Peter Newman PI Mobilizing for a Research Revolution to Ensure LGBTIQ Inclusion in Asia: A High-impact, Transformative International Partnership (MFARR-Asia) Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2018-2026
PI Systematic Review and Meta-ethnography of the Literature on Bullying Victimization of Youth based on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2018-2019
PI The ‘Phi-Nong’ Project: Development and Pilot Testing of a Culturally Adapted, High-impact HIV Preventive Intervention with Young Men who have Sex with Men and Transgender Women in Chonburi Province, Thailand CIHR – Grants 2017-2021
PI “Soft like Silk, Pliable like Bamboo”: Practicing Resilience-in-Context— A multi-method study of resilience with sexual and gender minority youth in Thailand Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2017-2021
Cheryl Regehr PI Social and Physiological Influences on the Development of PTSD Among Public Safety Communications Personnel (PSCP) CIHR – Grants 2019-2020
PI Improving Social Work Decision Making in Situations of Risk and Uncertainty Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2018-2021
Michael Saini PI Coparenting on the margins: Exploring the experiences of precariously involved parents Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2019-2020
Izumi Sakamoto PI Many faces of Japanese Canadians: Remembering inter-generational trauma and renewing cultural identity through activism, art practice and community-building Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2017-2020
Tanya L. Sharpe PI Online Screening and Early Intervention to Prevent Suicide among Middle-Aged Men U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2015-2019
PI Support Male Survivors of Violence –Baltimore (SMSV-Baltimore) Baltimore City Health Department, Office of Youth Violence Prevention, U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) 2015-2020
Micheal Shier PI Creating conditions for social innovation: Organizational factors that support cross- and intra-sector partnerships Research and Innovation (ON Ministry) 2017-2022
PI Creating conditions for social innovation: Factors that support cross- and intra-sector partnerships with direct social service nonprofits Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2017-2020
Ka Tat Tsang CoI Intra-group dynamics and social exclusion: Experience of Mainland Chinese immigrants to Canada University of British Columbia, SSHRC subgrant 2017-2020
Charmaine C. Williams CoI Reducing HIV vulnerabilities and Promoting resilience among self-identified heterosexual African, Caribbean and Black Men in Ontario Ryerson University, CIHR subgrant 2018-2019
PI United we stand, divided we falter: Advancing a family-centred agenda for caregiving research. Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2017-2020
Jia Xue PI Information Communication Technologies and Attitudes towards Sexual Assault: An Internet-based Survey of U.S. and Canadian College Students Connaught Fund 2019-2021
Daniyal Zuberi PI Social Policy and Urban Poverty in Canada Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHRC) 2017-2019
PI Addressing Employment Barriers and Advancing Gender Equity: Creating Employment Ladders and Supporting the Advancement of Visible Minority Immigrant and Refugee Women Working in Canada’s Healthcare System CIHR – Grants 2015-2018