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Accessing the Evaluation Tool on the Practicum Administration System (PAS)

The online evaluation tool for field education, developed by Cheryl Regehr and Marion Bogo, is intended to be easy to use. Please follow the steps below. If you have any difficulty accessing or completing the evaluation, contact the Practicum Office.

  1. Log on to the PAS as a field instructor.
  2. Towards the bottom of your home page is a section titled “Evaluations.” Your current student’s name (and any past students’ names) will be listed here. Next to your current student, the release date for the evaluation is displayed, and once that date has arrived, blue text evaluate now will appear. Click on the text to access the online evaluation form.
  3. Follow the instructions included with the evaluation, clicking the save button on each page.

The evaluation does not need to be completed at one time. You can begin the evaluation, save it, and return to it. It is important that you click on the “save” button on each page before continuing to the next.

On the last page (page 10), there is a ‘sign off’ section which gives you two options:

My evaluation is complete.
I am not yet ready to declare this evaluation complete.
Choose the applicable statement, and click on the “save” button.

Evaluations are made available on the PAS two weeks prior to the due date. The release date will appear on your Instructor Home Page. If you wish to view the evaluation tool prior to the release date, sample forms are available in the Practicum Manual at: