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Off-PAS Practicum Opportunities

Off-PAS Practicum Opportunities are practicum opportunities posted on the website (not the PAS) that have a unique application process and/or requirements. Most are listed early, before the PAS process begins.

Off-PAS opportunities include:

  • Competitive practicums, which are opportunities where FIFSW students are applying for practicums that are also open to other students.
    1. External Competitive practicums are offered to students from other academic units for a limited number of spots.
    2. Internal competitions are opportunities where FIFSW students compete internally against other FIFSW students for a practicum.
  • Practicum opportunities located outside of the GTA. (Students may also bring opportunities outside the GTA that are not listed to the attention of the Practicum office if they are interested in pursuing them.)
  • Practicums where field instructors express a preference for students in equity deserving groups: BIPOC, LGBTQ2S, and/or Gender-Diverse students.
  • Practicum opportunities that are off-schedule, such as block practicums or practicums with unique schedules.
  • International opportunities may be available from time to time. They are not listed online, but rather will be communicated directly to students when they are available.

Most require students to send a cover letter and resume to the practicum site before a specific deadline. Each site has its own application process. Most of these sites will only follow up with students who are accepted for interviews.

Please note, there is no obligation or requirement for students to participate in this process.

To streamline the matching process, we try to avoid situations where students participate both in the PAS matching process and the Off-PAS process (though this still occurs occasionally). The Practicum Offices strives to post all competitive offers on the website, and have all Off-PAS opportunities settled, before the PAS opens.  If a student’s Off-PAS applications have not been settled by the time the PAS opens, however, the student may participate in the PAS process.