Endowed Chairs

To remain competitive with the finest public research universities in the world, the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work must continue to attract and retain scholars of international distinction. Our Campaign calls for the establishment of a number of Endowed Chairs in key academic areas. To date the Faculty has endowed 10 Chairs.


To learn more about Endowed Chairs, please contact:

Judy Scheininger
Director of Advancement
Tel: 416-978-5042
Email: judy.scheininger@utoronto.ca


Factor-Inwentash Chair in Law and Social Work

Much of social work practice involves working with individuals and populations whose complex and multifaceted problems interface with the law. Child welfare, human rights, social policy, and mental health are among the fields in which law and social work intersect. This Chair provides leadership in examining the issues in which social work and law intersect and in educating students in the JD/MSW program offered jointly by the FIFSW and the Faculty of Law.

This Chair is currently held by Professor Michael Saini


Factor-Inwentash Chair in Child Welfare

This Chair provides leadership in child welfare research; fosters innovation and a culture of knowledge generation and utilization in the field; works pro-actively with government agencies to develop sound policy in this area; and provides an international presence in child welfare practice and policy, representing Canada’s unique position as a leader in issues of social justice and inclusion.

This Chair is currently held by Professor Barbara Fallon


Factor-Inwentash Chair in Children’s Mental Health

This Chair provides leadership in research and evaluation on the development and wellbeing of children, youth and their families; strengthens existing prevention and intervention programs and develops new models of service to enhance children’s mental health and wellbeing as well as provides direction for ensuring the inclusion of families, communities and systems in supporting the optimal growth of children.

This Chair is currently held by Professor Ramona Alaggia


Factor-Inwentash Chair in Health and Mental Health

In Ontario today, 50 to 60 per cent of social workers are employed in the health care sector. They play critical roles in hospitals, mental health facilities and community settings by helping patients and families address the impact of illness and treatment, decreased personal control, information overload, change in functional ability, and challenges in interpersonal relationships.

This Chair provides leadership in institutionally based and community-based health and mental health; advocates for health and mental health policies that respond to the social determinants of health; and enhances the role and status of social work in health care settings.

This Chair is currently held by Professor Eunjung Lee


Factor-Inwentash Chair of Social Work in the Global Community

This Chair builds on existing partnerships between the Faculty and organizations representing Canada’s diverse population to enhance learning opportunities and improve community services; assists in further development of services for immigrants and refugees and in increasing accessibility of all services; seeks and evaluates policies and practices to improve services for individuals, families and communities in Canada and abroad; and further develops the Faculty’s existing international collaborations and partnerships with individuals and institutions around the world.

This Chair is currently held by Professor A. Ka Tat Tsang


The Dr. Chow Yei Ching Chair in Housing at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work of the University of Toronto

The Chair provides leadership in housing research, focusing on comparative studies for example, between Canada and Hong Kong. Areas of study include: the linkages between housing and other areas of social and economic policy, the economics of household expenditure on housing; international comparisons and dissemination of “best practices”; demographic and social trends and the changing role of housing; innovations in effective public/private partnerships; and the housing impacts, locally, of global migration of people and housing investment.

This Chair is currently held by Professor David Hulchanski.


The Norman and Honey Schipper Chair in Gerontological Social Work at Baycrest Centre and the University of Toronto

The Chair assists in the development of new approaches to care for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and their families.


The Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Chair in Child and Family

The Chair provides leadership in the area of child and family studies for the Faculty. The Chair focuses on research to analyze and determine the effectiveness of prevention and intervention programs targeting high-risk children and families.

This Chair is currently held by Professor Faye Mishna.


The RBC Chair in Applied Social Work Research

This Chair provides the permanent allocation of a senior faculty member to the field of Applied Social Work Research. The work of the Chair increases significantly the University’s ability to measure the effectiveness of current social service programs and develops new benchmarks to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of new approaches as they emerge. The activities of the Chair help in the refocusing of Canada’s social policy and social services infrastructure.

This Chair is currently held by Professor Daniyal Zuberi.


Sandra Rotman Chair in Social Work

The Sandra Rotman Chair in Social Work is held by a social work educator who exhibits superior leadership in research and practice in the field of social work. The Chairholder takes leadership in the Faculty by: identifying emerging trends in the field of social work; facilitating a program of research relevant to these emerging trends; and incorporating this new knowledge in the continual improvement of the social work curriculum.

This Chair is currently held by Professor Dexter Voisin.