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For Students

 Critical Information for Practicum Students 

Memo for faculty and instructional staff concerning the legal, privacy, safety and security impacts of our online learning model:  Student Resources

Practicum Opportunities

In March 2020 a global pandemic caused all practicums at FIFSW to continue only remotely.  Some field instructors were abruptly deployed, leaving their students without a practicum. The Practicum Office reached out for field instructors for these students.  Mariana Paz-Solden had 128 hours remaining. Morgan Weatherup, a FIFSW graduate and a field instructor at Ontario Shores, agreed to provide supervision, remotely.  Here is their story.

As a professional program, the FIFSW integrates classroom knowledge with applied experiential learning in the community. Through our partnerships we are able to offer practicums in various professional settings – community based organizations, specialized organizations, education, health care and government – benefiting the most vulnerable in our society.

Students who are open to new learning and who can apply their professional written, verbal and presentation skills have the opportunity to develop social work competencies such as assessment, intervention, case management, treatment planning, evaluation and research skills in their practicum.