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ITR Field Instructors

Field Instructors play a vital role in the education of students in the Indigenous Trauma and Resiliency stream. As experienced social workers who adhere to ITR Field Instruction Standards, field instructors oversee and guide students in the provision of services to clients, organizations and communities.

See the Practicum Orientation for Potential Field Instructors page for general information about the practicum and the role of Field Instructors. Note that some of the schedule information may be different for ITR Field Instructors.

ITR practicums share similarities with the other practicums, but also have unique aspects:

  • Students who enter the 2-year program with a BSW do not complete a Year 1 ITR Practicum.
  • ITR practicums are 450 hours.
  • Year 2 ITR practicums include a 40 hour community intervention.
  • Practicums can be with Elders, respected cultural mentors, and skilled professionals.
  • Practicums focus on and emphasize the strong connection between personal, cultural, professional, and academic development.
  • Students discern individual resiliency through the values, ceremonies, and teachings of their cultural heritage.
  • Students experience hands-on learning in one or more specific areas of trauma intervention and treatment.

Trauma-informed Practice

Trauma-informed services recognize that the core of any service is genuine, authentic and compassionate relationships. Trauma-informed systems and organizations provide for everyone within that system or organization by having a basic understanding of the psychological, neurological, biological, social and spiritual impact that trauma and violence can have on individuals seeking support.

At its core, the trauma-informed model replaces the labelling of clients or patients as being ‘sick,’ ‘resistant’ or ‘uncooperative’ with that of being affected by an ‘injury’. Viewing trauma as an injury shifts the conversation from asking “What is wrong with you?” to “What has happened to you?” (Trauma-informed: The Trauma Toolkit, Klinic Community Health Centre, Second Edition, 2013).

Professional Development

Watch the ITR professional development for Field Instructors video:

See also the Courses and Professional Development page for other resources for Field Instructors.

Customized Practicum Schedule

Once approved and matched, a customized ITR practicum schedule indicating major milestones for student, field instructor, and Faculty-Field Liaison, and a Learning and Safety Checklist (PDF), will be e-mailed.

40-hour Community Intervention

The 40-Hour Intervention is an opportunity for MSW-ITR students to gain additional experience in trauma-informed approaches, with the guidance of a supervisor. This can occur through information and skills training, supporting a healing process, conducting community-based research, or contributing to policy enhancement and/or development.