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Practice Fridays

What are Practice Fridays?

Practice Fridays were launched in 2015 by Professor Toula Kourgiantakis to offer students more practice in the classroom with a simulated client.

This is a voluntary educational learning opportunity for year one MSW students that aims to enhance foundational competencies, specifically communication and interviewing skills and assessment skills with a simulated client.

Each Practice Friday has 10-12 students, one facilitator (professor, instructor or doctoral student), one community social worker or field instructor, and one simulated client (actor).

Each year, we have approximately 160 students and 20 social workers/field instructors attend Practice Fridays.  Social workers share their expertise on social work practice as they provide students with feedback on their interviews with simulated clients.

Social workers who would like more information on attending a Practice Friday can contact Megan Davies​.

Students attending Practice Fridays will:

  • enhance collaborative relationship building, competencies and skills with simulated clients;
  • increase confidence when conducting interviews;
  • conduct a social work assessment;
  • identify and manage emotions during interviews;
  • locate self and explore the impact of culture and diversity in social work practice;
  • receive constructive feedback on their practice;
  • reflect on practice;
  • develop greater self-awareness;
  • connect theory and practice.

Practice Fridays for Students in Year One

Practice Fridays Testimonials