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CV Instructions

Questions? Ask an ambassador!

Two-Year MSW Full-Time Program and MSW Program with Advanced Standing

Please carefully consider the following guidelines for your CV.

  1. Your CV must clearly differentiate whether your experience has been paid, voluntary or through practica. Please list volunteer experience separately from paid employment. Include all experience, both related and unrelated to social work, including Canadian and international.
  2. Use the following headings – use only those that are applicable to you and add/include any relevant headings, as needed. (Do not combine sections but present each bullet respectively)
    • Education
    • Employment
    • Volunteer Work
    • Practica and Internships (not required for HBSc/MSW applicants)
    • Research Experience (i.e. Research Assistant Jobs; Title of Thesis or Research Project)
    • Publications/Conference Presentations
  3. For each experience, you must include both the month and year, and total number of hours. For example:

    Position Title, Organization, Dates (i.e.) May 2015 – August 2016 (600 hours)
    Description of your role

    Please be as thorough as possible in stating the month and year, and total number of hours.  Omission of this information will lessen the applicant’s probability of admission.

  4. There is no page limit to the CV. But it must be submitted in electronic form only (PDF is preferred) by uploading them directly to the SGS online application portal.