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PhD Students

FIFSW’s doctoral program is committed to preparing the next generation of exceptional scholars and leaders in the areas of social work research, education, and policy. FIFSW students demonstrate excellence and innovation in social work scholarship, practice, and teaching, and our graduates are well positioned to expand the boundaries of the social work profession.

Learn about our current students:

Amos, Jordanne

Betancourt, Gerardo

Brien, Natasha

Brown, Shannon

Chowdhury, Rasnat

Doll, Kaitrin

Edwards, Travonne

Georgievski, Georgi

Gray, Marci

Goulden, Ami

 Ho, Mabel

Houston, Emmaline

Hsieh, Jessica

Hussain, Amina

Ichikawa, Viveka

Ivey, Jaemar

Jones, Jori

Kai, Zhizhong

Kirvan, Anne

Kwon, Inwook

Lash-Ballew, Abigail

Lefebvre, Rachael

Lenz, Patricia (Trish)

Leung, William

Levesque, Adam

Lucas, Vilmara da Silva de Moura

Lung, Yu

Lyons, Olive

Manewitz, Samantha

Muchenje, Marvelous

O’Connor, Carolyn

Pascoe, Rachael

Pearson, Ali

Qiyomiddin, Kowa

Reid, Luke

Richardson, Monte-Angel

Romenco, Marcie E.

Sarkisova, Sly

Sato, Christa

Schmidt, Catherine

Sheffield, Peter

Tait, Christine

Tan, Weijia

Wall, Michael (Allie)

Wang, Ying

Westbrook, Andrea W.

West, Keri

Wilson, Leyco

Wilson, Ruth

Wong, Florence

Zhang, Linxiao

Zhao, Kedi