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The Practicum gives MSW students the opportunity to put their education into practice and to learn from experience. It puts the student in a setting where they can actively engage in social work, under the guidance of supervisors who work in the field.

Potential settings include a wide variety of organizations that rely on social workers, including hospitals and other health care providers, community services, educational institutions, and governments. To get a sense of the range, see the list of partners that the FIFSW works with (note that the list of partners changes from year to year).

Students may work directly with clients, experiencing real-world situations and making a real difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in our society, while being supported in this work by their Field Instructors and the FIFSW. Students may also have the option of working on policies that shape how social work is implemented.

Practicum complements the class schedule. During semesters when students are attending practicum, classes are scheduled entirely on certain days of the week, leaving other days for practicums.

The practicum website includes all the information students need to participate successfully in the experiential learning part of the curriculum.