Practicum Manual

General Information About the Field Practicum

Vision, Mission and Values

Information about the Indigenous Trauma and Resiliency Specialization/Program

The Practicum Team

Activities of Each Member of the Practicum Team

The Practicum Student

The Field Instructor

The Faculty-Field Liaison

The Educational Coordinator

The Practicum Office

Practicum Settings


International Students

Police Reference/Vulnerable Sector Check

Immunization and 2-step TB Test

Mask Fitting

Evening or Weekend Expectations

Risk Reduction and Student Safety

Home/Community Sessions

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Coverage

Practicum Disruptions Due to Inclement Weather


Student Professional Behaviour and Ethical Performance

Personal and Confidential Information

Sharing of Information

Overview of the MSW Program and Practicum

Definition of Levels of Intervention for the M.S.W. Practicum

Direct Practice (Micro) with Specific Clients

Indirect Practice on Behalf of Client Systems

Practicum Supervision Models

A.  Traditional Supervision Model

B.  Co-supervision Model

C.  Rotational Supervision Model

Year 1: Information for Students and Field Instructors


Time Requirements

January to May Practicum

Summer Session Practicum

Labour Disruption Policy

Practicum Assignments

Year 2/Advanced Standing: Information for Students and Field Instructors


Time Requirements

September to Early April Practicum

Human Services Management and Leadership Practicum (formerly Social Service Administration Practicum)

MSW Combined Program Practicum

“Block” Practicum

Labour Disruption Policy

Practicum Matching

Learning Contracts and Evaluation of the Student

Learning Contract

Preparing the Learning Contract

Evaluation of the Student in the Practicum

Midterm and Final Evaluation


Practicum Guidelines and Procedures

Encrypting Personal and Confidential Information

Guidelines for the Resolution of Problems in the Practicum

Procedures for Dropping the Practicum Course

Faculty Guidelines for Students Requesting Reference Letters

Evaluation and Feedback of the Practicum Process

Evaluation of Field Settings

Evaluation of the FFL

Evaluation of the Practicum Office