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Year 1 PAS Schedule and Instructions

Schedule (subject to change)

Practicum 1 SWK4701H 2023-2024 assignment process:

  • Thursday October 26 at 4:30pm – Practicum Administration System (PAS) will open for viewing practicum opportunities.
  • Thursday November 2 at 8:59am – Form A (interview selections) due. (submitted on the PAS.)
  • Thursday November 9 at 4:30pm – PAS will open for viewing practicum assignment and interviews begin.
  • Monday November 13 at 4:30pm – Practicum trade deadline. (see details below)

Please remember that the interview is a pre-practicum interview.  The practicum you are matched with is your confirmed practicum.


How to access the PAS and submit practicum interview selections:

The student link to log onto the PAS is:

Practicum Administration System (PAS) login page

  • Use your UTORid and password to log on. Please add your UofT email address to your profile

Once you have logged on:

  1. Click on “Practicum Units” from the left sidebar menu.  You can view all, or filter by category.
  2. When you are ready to submit your selections, click on “Request for Interviews (Form A).”
  3. Use drop-down windows to select 10 practicums:
    • Select any 3 from Category A
    • Select any 3 from Category B
    • Select any 3 from Category C
    • 1 additional selection from any category
    • Rank your choices from 1 to 10, with 1 being your most preferred
  4. Click on “Submit.”  Remember that the PAS will not accept Form A with fewer than 10 selections.

NOTE:  You may submit Form A anytime between 4:31 pm on Thursday October 26 and 8:59 am on Thursday November 2.  There is no advantage to submitting early.  You may make changes to your submissions as often as you like, up until the deadline.  The PAS will use the last submission for the interview matching.


  • New practicum opportunities are received continuously.
  • Occasionally practicums are withdrawn. The listing will be removed from the PAS.
  • Remember to check the PAS regularly for updates and changes.

Not all students seeking a January 2024 practicum will be matched at this stage of the assignment process.  Rest assured, the practicum team will continue to work with you.

Students who have been accepted at a Competitive or Out-of-Town practicum do NOT participate in the PAS assignment process

Students who have applied for competitive practicums and are awaiting a response or the outcome of an interview CAN participate in the PAS matching process and should submit Form A on the PAS.

Students may trade practicums before the deadline of Monday November 13 if neither student has contacted their field instructor. One student will email the Practicum Office, cc-ing the second student, with details of the trade.

Contact a Practicum Coordinator with concerns about the interview or to schedule a confidential appointment:

For questions, contact the Practicum Office