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MSW Personal Statement Instructions for 2024 Entry

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For the Two-Year and Advanced Standing Programs

The general, objective of the MSW program is to educate students for professional practice* within a framework of social work and social welfare principles, critical professional judgement, systematic inquiry, and ethical responsibility.

The following essays form a critical part of the application, and will be a determining factor in the selection process.  While answers should be fully developed, please limit the length of responses to 400 words per question.     Include your name on each page.

As a general rule, in responding to the five questions you want to provide clear, concise, and sufficient information of a superior quality that will enable the Admissions Committee to assess your motivation, appropriateness and suitability for this MSW program.

The Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work (FIFSW) values the diverse identities and lived experiences that our students bring to the MSW program and the profession of social work. We encourage applicants to share those identities and lived experiences and/or commitment to social equality when answering the questions in the personal statement.

*Professional practice is broadly defined and can include interventions at various levels (e.g., policy development, administration, community, individual, family and group work).

  1. What experiences motivate you to (a) become a social worker; or (b) continue your social work education?
  2. Describe your skills (e.g.: volunteer/work) that you believe are relevant to social work (with examples). In particular, please describe your experiences working with diverse and marginalized populations.
  3. Describe your most substantial accomplishment and explain why you view it as such.
  4. Discuss how you believe a social worker could work with a contemporary social problem of interest to you.
  5. How do you think that the FIFSW MSW program can specifically benefit you and how do you think that you can contribute to the program? Please provide specific examples of how you will use your education in the future.

These factors will be considered in evaluating your personal statement:

  • Ability to respond to the questions clearly and succinctly.
  • Ability to demonstrate analytical skills.
  •  Experience (voluntary or paid) in the social services or related fields, and knowledge of critical social issues.
  • Strengths and suitability for professional practice
  • Complementary fit between the teaching faculty/field education resources and your learning interests/objectives.

This statement must be submitted in electronic form only (PDF is preferred) by uploading them directly to the SGS online application portal.