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Alumni Mentoring Program

Mentor a Graduating Student

Connecting students and alumni is of fundamental importance for the Faculty of Social Work, fulfilling our ongoing commitment to enhancing the student experience and building the foundation for a sustainable pattern of interaction between the university’s past, present and future.

Alumni provide inspirational examples of what graduates accomplish. By sharing their experiences and answering questions, alumni can be an invaluable source of support to graduating students who are embarking on an important and exciting phase of their lives.

As a mentor, you can provide support to students in any of the following ways:
• Setting career goals and paths
• Providing practical information about employing organizations
• Offering advice on career alternatives
• Advising on job search strategies
• Sharing your professional experiences

What better way to give back to your university than to share your knowledge with a graduating student and help make a difference in their educational experience? Over time ongoing relationships often develop between mentors and graduating students which enrich both parties and give graduating students a strong start as they transition from backpacks to briefcases.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Students interested in being mentored are encouraged to review our program brochure.