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Practicum 2 Competencies

In Practicum 2, the student is expected to demonstrate that they can competently:

  • function within the professional context: to develop and demonstrate their professional identity as a social worker in respect to commitment to and the provision of service to people;
  • function within an organizational context: to develop and demonstrate the ability to function within an organizational context;
  • identify/assess issues;
  • develop a purposeful intervention/plan;
  • implement intervention/plan; and
  • use effective communication skills.

Practicum 2 practicums are designed to offer students the opportunity to practice direct service, indirect service, or mixed (direct and indirect).

The competency framework provides the basis for evaluation and is reflected on the midterm and final evaluations under six domain headings. These headings vary somewhat depending on whether the practicum’s practice is direct or indirect (mixed practicums use the direct practice headings).

Direct Practice
Indirect Practice
Learning and Growth Learning and Growth
Behaviour in the Organization Behaviour and Relationships in the Organization
Conceptualization of Practice Leadership
Clinical Relationships Critical Thinking,/Analysis, Planning and Implementation
Assessment and Intervention Written and Verbal Communication
Professional Communication Values and Ethics

Practicum 2 students are expected to provide their Field Instructor(s) with the summary of their Practicum 1 final evaluation. Students entering the program with advanced standing may provide their Field Instructor(s) with a copy of their final BSW practicum evaluation or a recent employment review. It is also beneficial for Field Instructors to have knowledge of the work students are experiencing in classes. In this way, Field Instructors may develop assignments that are compatible with class projects. Students may benefit from sharing their course syllabi with their Field Instructors.

For students in the two-year MSW program, successful completion of Practicum 1 is required prior to commencing Practicum 2.

In order to evaluate a student’s performance based on the competencies, Field Instructors are required to directly observe the student. This could include observing the student:

  • working with individuals, groups and families;
  • attending and contributing to team, community or inter-professional meetings;
  • preparing and (co-)leading workshops and training;
  • completing activities and tasks in an indirect service setting.

Self-reflective journals and process recordings can also serve as important tools through which to assess the student’s learning activities.

Supervision is an integral component of student learning and evaluation in practicum. Field Instructors are expected to provide a minimum of one hour of direct supervision per week.