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Indigenous Student Application Program

Questions? Ask an ambassador!


The Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work (FIFSW) is committed to building a community where learners experience a barrier free education from the point of admissions through to graduation as they enter the social work profession.

The Indigenous Student Application Program provides a dedicated admissions process for Indigenous applicants who would like to apply through this option for the Two-Year MSW or Advanced Standing MSW programs. Applicants who submit their application through this program will follow the same admission requirements outlined in the admission requirement page of the MSW program.

All applications received through the Indigenous Student Application Program will undergo a review process that includes representation from Indigenous faculty, alumni or other community members.

Through this dedicated admissions process, we are affirming our intentional commitment to Indigenous student representation in the Faculty and decreasing barriers to accessing the program for our Indigenous applicants in alignment with Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action – University of Toronto.


How to Apply

On the application page, select either:

  • Master of Social Work (Advanced Standing – Indigenous Student Application Program)
  • Master of Social Work (2-Year MSW Program – Indigenous Student Application Program)

Once selected submit the required application documents for the Master of Social Work – Advanced Standing OR the Master of Social Work 2-Year MSW Program.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I apply for the MSW program through this application route?

Applying through this process ensures that a member of the Indigenous community will participate in your application review process. Additionally, the Faculty is committed to building designated resources for Indigenous students. Identifying that you are an Indigenous applicant allows the Faculty to connect you with current and future resources, available scholarships, and awards, and the opportunity to engage with Indigenous faculty and/or students, early in the program.

2. Do Indigenous applicants have to apply through this dedicated program?

No, this application process is completely optional.

3. Are my chances increased or decreased using this dedicated application process vs. applying through the non-dedicated option?

This optional process does not guarantee admission, nor will it disadvantage applicants.

The goal of this program is to offer the opportunity to have one’s qualifications assessed through a file review process that includes representation from the Indigenous community who can contribute community-based/specific knowledge to their assessment of qualifications.

This program is meant to enrich the application process and pay attention to the specific histories of both social work and large educational institutions such as the University of Toronto and their relationships with Indigenous peoples.

The field of Social Work has a history that confers unique accountabilities and responsibilities in contributing to Truth and Reconciliation. The inclusion of Indigenous learners in Social Work is important for diversifying and enriching the perspectives in our learning environment and for building capacity in the field more broadly. This application program allows us to be intentional in the goals of telling the truth about our histories and in moving towards healing and reconciliation.

4. What documents are required to establish eligibility for this application process?

Applicants who self-identify as Indigenous are eligible for this application program. No additional documents are required.