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Coursework Extensions/Late Assignments

For Extension Requests Within an Academic Semester

  1. Student and instructor communicate about the extension request in advance of assignment due date and agree upon the extension length. If the coursework extension is required for:
    1. Non-disability related reasons: Student needs to provide medical or other documentation e.g., Verification of Illness Form to instructor.
    2. Disability related reasons: Students registered with Accessibility Services are encouraged to provide the Letter of Accommodation a week before the original due date to approve up to a one week extension on assignments. If there is a disability-related rationale for an extension beyond one week on file, an Accessibility Advisor will confirm this via an email to the instructor, student, and the Associate Dean Academic’s office. For further instruction, visit Disability Related Extensions.
  2. With instructor’s agreement of an extension, the student completes the Online Coursework Extension Form.
  3. Coursework extension request made through the online form will be reviewed by the MSW or PhD Program Director for approval.

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For Extension Requests Beyond an Academic Semester

  1. Students requesting a coursework extension beyond an academic semester (after the deadline date when course grades are submitted to SGS) are required to complete an SGS Extension to Complete Coursework Form. This form must be filled out by the student, signed by the instructor, and approved by the MSW or PhD Program Director prior to being sent for SGS approval.
    1. Student fills out page 1 (including section 1) of the Extension to Complete Coursework Form
    2. Student submits the form to their instructor who fills out and signs section 2 of the form
    3. Instructor submits the form to MSW or PhD Program Director for approval


    Please note that late assignment penalties will apply to assignments that are handed in late without having received coursework extension approval.