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Practicum 2 Time Requirements

Students will spend 72 7-hour days in Practicum 2. If Good Friday occurs during the academic year, the number of days is reduced by one.

All full-time Year 2 and Advanced Standing students are automatically enrolled in the Social Work Practicum course (SWK 4702Y) from September to April. (See below for information about deferrals.)

The MSW program is designed with classes scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays, and practicum attendance scheduled as follows:

  • 21 hours a week (based on a 7-hour day), Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, from September to early April.

Key dates and schedules are located on Year 2 Schedule page in the practicum section of FIFSW’s website. Check this page regularly for updated information.

Requesting to Defer Practicum 2

Deferrals are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Should you be experiencing highly unusual conditions that may warrant a deferral of Practicum 2 to the Spring/Summer session, please complete the Request to Defer Practicum 2 course form (PDF) and submit it to

Students who request enrolment in a practicum course commencing in an alternate session must also submit a completed Add/Drop Course(s) Form to the assistant dean, field education.

MSW Combined Programs

Students in the Combined Law and Social Work (JD/MSW) program or the Combined Health Administration and Social Work (MHSc/MSW) program must ensure their practicum meets the specific requirements of their program.

In Year 1, students in the Combined Law and Social Work (JD/MSW) followed the same practicum matching process as other students.

In year 2 of the MSW program, students enrolled in the JD/MSW Combined Program attend practicum for 50 days. The usual schedule is two days per week from September to early April. Students are required to have their practicum approved by the Co-Director of the MSW/JD program.

Part- Time Students

Enrolment in the Practicum 2 is not automatic for part-time students. The practicum course must be added in the academic session in which it is to be completed.

“Block” Practicums

“Block” practicums are primarily aimed at part-time students. The purpose of a “block” practicum is to accommodate students’ individual circumstances.

The time requirements remain the same, approximately 72 days; however, practicum attendance is typically 4 or 5 days per week. This option requires that the student notify the Practicum Office a minimum of 4 months in advance of their intended start date.

“Block” practicums must coincide with a university session –  September to December, January to April, or May to August. The practicum must be completed within one academic year.

Students who request enrolment in Practicum 2 commencing in an alternate session must submit a completed Add/Drop Course(s) Form to the Assistant Dean, Field Education.