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FIFSW is committed to providing accommodation to support students with documented disabilities in order to remove barriers to experiential learning and facilitate academic and co-curricular success.

Practicum Office staff, Field Instructors, and Faculty-Field Liaisons at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work (FIFSW) work together to support and facilitate the accommodations process for students with disabilities.

Students requesting accommodation must first be registered with Accessibility Services. Students can register with Accessibility Services as soon as they accept their offer of admission and are encouraged to register early. Some accommodations may need to be known prior to the matching process.

Students requesting accommodation for practicum should discuss this with their assigned Accessibility Advisor as soon as possible, and prior to the practicum matching process. An Advisor can confirm practicum accommodations by providing a letter directly to the Practicum Office.

For detailed information about the steps involved in setting up a practicum accommodation, the roles and responsibilities involved, and the guiding principles, see this document:

Communication between students, staff, Field Instructors, and Faculty-Field Liaisons is an important and necessary aspect of the accommodations process. Accommodations may need to be adjusted once the student is in the placement if something is not working or they run into an unanticipated barrier. Students are encouraged to talk to their Accessibility Advisor with any accommodation-related concerns.

Click on the image below to see the full-sized diagram.

FIFSW Practicum accommodations roles diagram