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Becoming a Field Instructor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Field Instructor. Field Instructors play an essential role in the education of new social workers, and at the same time enjoy many benefits from the experience.

Watch Michelle English (MSW 2015) discuss becoming a Field Instructor:

Watch Professor Rob MacFadden speak about the impact of field education on social work practice:

Watch Blair Audet (MSW 2012) discuss the experience of becoming a Field Instructor:


To begin the process of becoming a field instructor:

  1. Review the Field Instruction Standards to confirm you are eligible and to understand what will be involved.
  2. Send an email to the Practicum Office expressing your interest and noting your place of work and your role there, your availability (fall, winter, summer semesters), and your qualifications per the Field Instruction Standards.

Note: If you are interested in the Indigenous Trauma and Resiliency field of study, see the ITR Field Instructors page.

Further Information