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Faculty Member Research Focus
Keith Adamson interprofessional practice, interprofessional education, professional practice, compassionate care, empathy
Ramona Alaggia child sex abuse disclosures, resilience, gender-based violence, child exposure intimate partner violence, family centered practice
Samantha Anthony pediatrics, healthcare, solid organ transplantation, patient engagement, qualitative
Rachelle Ashcroft primary health care, collaborative primary mental health care, social work practice in healthcare, health & mental health policy, health equity
Stephanie Begun pregnancy & parenting among marginalized youth, family planning access, homelessness, participatory action/arts-based research, human-centred design thinking research
Rupaleem Bhuyan immigration policy and social rights, precarious immigration status & migrant “illegality”, intersectionality & gender-based violence, participatory action research, interpretive policy analysis
Tara Black child welfare, child protection, child maltreatment, research methods, quantitative data analysis
Marion Bogo field education, clinical supervision, simulation, assessment of learning, objective structured clinical examination adapted for social work (OSCE)
David Brennan gay & bisexual men’s health, HIV prevention, online interventions, sexual health, sexual minority health
David Burnes elder abuse, elder neglect, elder financial exploitation, goal attainment scaling, outcome measurement
Shelley L. Craig sexual & gender minority youth, information communication technologies, affirmative interventions, global partnerships, implementation science
Barbara Fallon child welfare, child maltreatment, decision-making theory, child protection, incidence measurement
Lin Fang children & youth, immigrants & cross-cultural experiences, substance abuse, intervention research, information & communication technology
Esme Fuller-Thomson social determinants of health, gerontology, chronic health conditions, mental health, adverse childhood experiences
David Hulchanski homelessness, social policy, housing, neighbourhoods, inequality
Ellen Katz competence, social work education, mindfulness meditation, simulation-based learning, social work pedagogy
Bryn King child welfare system, adolescents, early childbirth, young parents, racial disparities
Toula Kourgiantakis social work education, simulation-based learning, competency development, family-centered practices in mental health and addictions, social work practice and education in mental health and addictions
Eunjung Lee cross-cultural psychotherapy, clinical social work practice, community mental health, immigrant families & children, the welfare state
Carmen Logie HIV, sexually transmitted infections, sexual health, stigma, global health
Faye Mishna bullying & cyber bullying, information communication technologies in therapy, sexting, cyber aggression in universities, clinical practice
Peter Newman HIV prevention, global health, LGBTQ health & human rights, community engagement, human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine
Michael Saini access to justice, separation & divorce, family law, child custody, child welfare
Izumi Sakamoto immigration, “Canadian experience” (immigration employment discrimination), Japanese Canadian, arts-based research, art & activism
Tanya Sharpe homicide, victims, trauma, Blacks, community based research
Micheal L. Shier nonprofit organizations & the voluntary sector, social innovation & social entrepreneurship, social policy, leadership & management, partnerships
Susan Stern
Ka Tat Tsang SSLD, global community, dementia, mental health, online learning
Charmaine C. Williams mental health, equity, intersectionality, racial minority health, caregiving
Jia Xue intimate & sexual violence, rape myth, information communication technology, social media, big data
Daniyal Zuberi social policy, urban poverty, inequality, healthcare, immigration