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Linxiao Zhang

Linxiao Zhang (he/him/his)

looking forward to our communication:


  • Bachelor of Law in social work, Nankai University, China (2015-2019)
  • Master of Management in public administration (public policy for sustainable development), Tsinghua University, China (2019-2022)
  • MSc in Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability, University of Geneva, Switzerland (2020-2022)
  • PhD in Social Work, University of Toronto, Canada (2022- )


Research Interests (include but not limited to)

  • Child & Adolescent Well-beings
  • minors in families: bilateral parent-child dynamics, intergenerational interactions
  • welfare for children and adolescents in disadvantageous contexts
  • School & Student Development
  • bullying
  • Gender, Family & Population Policies
  • gender division in unpaid care


Featured Projects

  1. (2021). Urban Renaissance of the Pershing Road Central Manufacturing District, Chicago. C40 Reinventing Cities.
  2. (2017-2019). An Empirical Study on Influencing Factors of Online Donation Trust: From the Perspective of Luhmann’s Theory of Trust. Funded by National Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program of China (No. 201710055019).

Research Fellow (PI: Prof. Ping Du, Department of Social Work & Social Policy, Nankai University). (2018). Program Evaluation and Practical Tool Development of “Gender Equality Education into Primary School” in Tianjin. Funded by Tianjin Women’s Federation & Tianjin Federation of Social Sciences.



Wan, G., Zhang, L., & Deng, C. (under review). Ethnic-Cultural Conflicts, Family Dysfunction, and Inadequate School Support: Ethnic Disparities in Bullying Victimization within China’s Multi-Ethnic Regions.

Zhang, L., & Meng, K. (under review). Gender Inequality in Parenting: Explanatory Approaches and Implications for China Studies (父母育儿中的性别不平等:解释路径及其对中国研究的启示). (In Chinese)

Du, P., & Zhang, L. (2020). Gendered Pro-Environmental Behavior: An Analysis of the Mediation Effects of Gender Equality Awareness and Perception of Environmental Problem (性别化的亲环境行为——性别平等意识与环境问题感知的中介效应分析). Sociological Review of China (CSSCI), 8(2), 47-60. (In Chinese)

Wu, F., & Zhang, L. (2018). The Role of Parental Participation in Adolescent Behavioral Development: An Empirical Study Based on CEPS Data (父母参与在青少年行为发展中的作用——基于CEPS数据的实证研究). China Youth Study (CSSCI), (12), 57-66. (In Chinese)


Selected Conferences

Zhang, L. (2020 & 2021). Interactions between Expectations: Perceived Parental Expectations, Self-Expectations and Adolescents’ Mental Health. The Third Prize in the 16th National Juvenile Development Forum of China (China Youth & Children Research Center), and The First Prize in the Postgraduate Forum of the 2021 Annual Conference of China Association for Social Work Education.

Zhang, L., & Meng, K. (2020). Gender Inequality in Parenting: Explanatory Approaches with Implications for China Studies. The PhD Student Forum in the 2020 Annual Conference of Chinese Sociological Association, and the 6th National Demographic Research Forum for Young Scholars (China Population Association & Renmin University of China).

Zhang, L., Cheng, Y., Hu, Y., Liu, J., & Shi, K. (2019 & 2020). An Empirical Study on Influencing Factors of Online Donation Trust: From the Perspective of Luhmann’s Theory of Trust. The 1st “ZhiDao Cup” National Undergraduate Academic Conference (30/300, Sun Yat-sen University), and the Forum on Sociology of Public Good in the 2020 Annual Conference of Chinese Sociological Association.

Zhang, L. (2019). Urban Ethnic-Minority Floating Population’s Settlement Intention: An Empirical Analysis on the Influence of Community Attachment. The 12th National Postgraduate Forum on Population and Development (China Population Association & Hebei University).

Zhang, L. (2017). Reflections on Social Work Field Placement in Higher Education – Opportunities and Challenges: Taking the Internship of NKU Undergraduates in NPO B as an Example. Nankai University Representative, the 9th National Social Work Student Forum of China (China Association for Social Work Education & Guizhou University).


Internships & Practices

  • International Telecommunication Union (UN agency), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Beiyan Primary School (rural school), Baoding, China
  • Tiantong Medical & Nursing Institution (private sector), Tianjin, China
  • Neighborhood Education Center of Hexi District (public sector), Tianjin, China
  • Grow Together Juvenile Development Center (NPO), Tianjin, China.


Skills & Hobbies

  • Qualification of Assistant Social Worker, People’s Republic of China
  • Fitness, Dance & Badminton; Music & Clarinet; Travel & Photography; Cultural Heritage & Museums