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Matching, Need-to-Knows, Evaluation

This page provides a summary of the practicum process. Students should refer to the “Practicum Courses” section of the  ITR Manual (PDF) for detailed descriptions of the practicum process. Students may also want to consult the MSW Practicum Manual.


The ITR Practicum Coordinator will work with students to locate a practicum supervisor who meets the ITR Field Instruction Standards (PDF). Field Instructors are also encouraged to e-mail Practicum Office with their practicum offer at any time.

Students are encouraged to think about the geographic area in which they plan to complete practicum, BSW/MSWs with whom they are interested in learning, and the area of practice they would like to explore. This information should be shared with your Practicum Coordinator to support your search.

Once approved and matched, a customized schedule indicating major milestones and an Orientation Checklist (PDF) will be e-mailed to the student, Field Instructor, and Faculty-Field Liaison.

Students and potential Field Instructors must submit an Employment-Based Practicum Application (PDF) to be considered for a practicum in a place of employment.

Things you need to know

The following information will be reflected in the personalized practicum schedule students receive prior to starting their practicum, but is provided here for orientation.

FIFSW students signed the Code of Conduct at admission and must abide by it. Please find more information at:

If accommodations are required, students must register as soon as possible with Accessibility Services and obtain a letter outlining the accommodations required for their practicum.

The Orientation Checklist (PDF) is due on Day 2 of the Practicum. It is completed by the student and Field Instructor, and submitted to the Practicum Office.

The Learning Contract (PDF) is due on Day 12 of the Practicum, is completed by the student and Field Instructor, and e-mailed to the Faculty-Field Liaison. Students and field instructors are encouraged to review the evaluation tool when developing their Learning Contract.

These and other forms can always be found on the practicum forms page.


The online evaluation tool (PDF) is completed independently by the student and the supervisor on the Practicum Administration System (PAS) at mid-term and on the final day of practicum.