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Responding to your offer

The first step once your receive our offer is to respond! This page will provide information on how to to do so.

On this page:

Offer of admission letter

Your official offer letter is the one that has been added to your application via the School of Graduate Studies online admissions application. You will not receive a paper admission package in the mail.

Your offer letter provides important information about your studies, including:

  • Start date (when your program begins);
  • Status (full-time, part-time);
  • Graduate unit;
  • Degree and program name;
  • Faculty advisor (designated by some programs, an OISE professor who can give you academic guidance and support); and
  • Program requirements.

Further details about your program requirements can be found in the School of Graduate Studies Calendar. Please note the SGS Calendar and will be updated to the 2023-2024 Calendar when it becomes available.

Within four (4) weeks of the date of your offer letter please follow the steps below to respond to your offer.

1. Accept or decline your offer

Your offer letter includes a Confirmation Form. Once you decide whether to accept or decline the offer, complete, sign, date the form and upload it to your application profile as a document.

Please respond to your offer within four weeks from the date of the offer letter or your offer may be cancelled. If you decline your offer or the offer is cancelled, you must formally re-apply if you want to be considered for future admission.

2. Admission deposit

If you accept an offer of admission you must pay a $500.00 non-refundable tuition deposit to hold your admission space in the program.

  • Domestic students (Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or protected persons): Deposits are due by June 1.
  • International students: Deposits are due within four (4) weeks) of the date of your offer letter.

Payment is made by credit card only via ACORN, visit the Student Accounts Make a Deposit Payment page for more details. Receipt of both the Confirmation Form and the deposit are required to secure your admission. Payment of the tuition deposit is not a substitute for formally accepting an offer of admission. You must formally accept your offer by completing and submitting the Confirmation Form found in your offer letter within four weeks of the date found on your offer letter.

Occasionally an offer of admission is presented very close to the June 1 deadline or later. If so, the tuition deposit should be paid within seven business days from the date of the offer of admission.

Submission of the deposit constitutes acknowledgment that this fee is non-refundable. When studies in the program begin, the deposit will be credited toward tuition fees.

Deferring your admission

Admission is only valid for the date stated on your offer of admission (e.g., September 2024).

Applicants unable to attend the session for which they have been accepted must re-apply and compete with other applicants for admission to a later session.

In exceptional circumstances, a program may approve a deferral of admission for a maximum of twelve months (e.g., from September 2024 to September 2025). Please note that a deferral of admission is rarely granted and should only be requested if it is impossible for you to start in the Fall 2024 session.

To request a deferral to Fall 2025, you must accept your offer of admission but you should not be registered in a program for the Fall session (i.e., no tuition fees paid). Students who are registered in the Fall, and are approved for a deferral, will not receive a tuition refund. If your request is denied, you will need to reapply for Fall 2025.

If your deferral of admission request is approved, be aware that any changes made to the degree program requirements will be applicable when you begin your program. As well, an official transcript is required to document any new post-secondary study completed during the interim period.

To request a deferral please email FIFSW Admissions with your request and a member of our Admissions team will add the deferral form to the appropriate application on GradApp. Please complete the deferral request form as per the instructions outlined. All requests are subject to approval and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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