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ITR Practicum FAQs

Can I do my practicum at my place of employment?

  • Some students are able to secure practicums at their place of employment.
  • Requirements in order to meet eligibility:
    • Your role as a practicum student must be distinct from your role as an employee.
    • Your supervisor must be distinct from your employment supervisor/manager.
    • The same field instructor standards must be met.
  • To review full eligibility criteria, check out the Employment-Based Practicum Application (PDF).
  • Make sure you are working with the ITR Practicum Coordinator as you develop your plan for an Employment-Based Practicum.

There is no BSW or MSW working in my community. How will I complete my practicum hours without having to leave my community?

  • If you are living in a remote community and there isn’t an MSW to supervise your practicum, the practicum office will work with you to find a suitable practicum in your home community.
  • This may mean setting up a practicum where you are supervised by an on-site supervisor without a social work designation, while also receiving external supervision from someone with their MSW. This latter person would provide regular supervision (weekly or bi-weekly), to ensure that you are making connections between the theory you are learning in class and the work you are doing in practicum.
  • Virtual practicums are fully supported so you may also seek a practicum opportunity outside of your home community.