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Online Resources for Working with the LGBTQ+ Community

Appropriate for Children and Families, Health and Mental Health, Human Services Management and Leadership, and Social Justice and Diversity

Online Training Modules

Total Practicum Hours:   9.75 hours (6.5 hours training, 3.0 hours written reflection)

Six online training modules that: provide an overview of the key findings from the Trans Youth Health Survey; examine ways to engage in cultural humility and understanding when engaging families and LGBTQ+ youth in trauma treatment; address current stressors and solutions to health inequities for LGBTQIA+ people, including the implications of COVID-19 for the community; discusses how community-based resources can help to mitigate the effects of stigma and marginalization for sexual and gender minority people; define implicit bias, guide learners through acknowledging their own biases, describe common biases experienced by gender diverse people, and provide tips for self-care in the context of bias; discuss how traumatic experiences can interfere with the formation of therapeutic patient-provider relationships and describe how a universal trauma-informed approach can enhance engagement of transgender and gender-diverse patients’ care.

Link to modules: Online Resources for Working with the LGBTQ+ Community