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Online Resources for Research

Appropriate for Children and Families, Health and Mental Health, Human Services Management and Leadership, and Social Justice and Diversity

Online Training Modules

Total Practicum Hours:   9.5 hours (7 hours training, 2.5 hours written reflection)

Five online training modules that investigate research ethics involving humans; qualitative measures, adaptations to measures, sample sizes, reliability and validity; evidence-based decision making; integrating evaluation into everyday work; importance of evaluation, myth, defining program evaluation, people of evaluation, framework, financial aspects.

Link to modules: Online Resources for Research


Additional Resources (time not included in the total practicum hours)

Evidence Based Practice for the Helping Professionals

This website was developed with a purpose to help practitioners to pose specific questions regarding practice, to help them to plan an electronic search for the current best evidence regarding their research question, and to search electronically for an answer.


Using Zoom Videoconferencing for Qualitative Data Collection: Perceptions and Experiences of Researchers and Participants


STEER: Factors to Consider When Designing Online Focus Groups Using Audiovisual Technology in Health Research