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Phi Alpha Honor Society for Social Work


Please refer to the Chi Delta Brochure for further details and contact information.


On March 14, 2017 the FIFSW launched Chi Delta, our own chapter within the International Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society.

Photos from launch event. Chi Delta 2016-2018 Executive Members right photo (pictured from left to right): Hanna Sullivan, President; Shelley Craig, Faculty Advisor; Sarah Mcmillan, Vice-President; Carla Barbe, Treasurer; and Farah Riaz, Secretary.


The purpose of the Phi Alpha Honor Society is to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideas.

Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.


How do I qualify?

  • Be currently enrolled as a MSW student
  • Achieved an overall GPA of 3.8 in a term preceding the time of application
  • Faculty will notify students by email if they have met the eligibility criteria
  • Once notified the student will be sent a link to complete the application


Application Dates

Twice per academic year students who qualify will receive an e-mail from the Associate Dean, Academic’s office as an invitation to apply. The application form and pertinent deadlines will be included. The cost of a lifetime membership is a one-time fee of $50.00 CAD due with the application form.



Those that chose to be lifetime members will have their names listed on our website and receive a certificate that will be presented either at the graduation lunch hosted by FIFSW or electronically.

2016-17 Academic Year Members

Yasmeen Attiah
Anne-Marie Bankes
Carla Barbe
Kayla Baskin
Haley Blumenfeld
Charlotte Booth
Yvonne Brunelle
Anna Cooper Reed
Brittany Cryder
Ashley Anne Davidson
Amy Dvorkin
Kristina Falk
Cherrie Fielder
Michelle Lee Gahwiler
Daisy Giroux
Cora Goring
Tami Hendel
Emmaline Houston
Jessica Kalbfleisch
Rachel Kaplan
Bradyn Ko
Tracey Kolton
Lyndsey Kotchapaw
Gem Lee-Herder
Karen Li
Toni Lui
Kaitlyn McDonald
Sarah McMillan
Angela Michener
Amy Moore
Jocelyn Nicholls
Mahsima Nosrati-Inanlou
Carolyn O’Connor
Travis Peck
Jenny Rajewski
Jamila Remani
Farah Riaz
Marcie Romenco
Deirdre Ryan-Morissette
Celia Saunders
Madison Schaffner
Nicole Schulz
Robyn Semotiuk
Julie Anne Slater
Hanna Sullivan
Germaine Trudeau Elliot
Robert Wachter
Catherine Wanlin
Harry Wenban
Sara Wojciechowski
Cara Layne Workman
Erika Zabalet

2017-18 Academic Year Members

Abdullahi Adan
Alona Amurao
Dalal Badawi
Jaden Bailey
Anjana Bala
Leanne Belitzky
Leah Bergstrome
Julie Blair
Anne-Marie Blakelock
Merrisa Bragg
Renata Butryn
Ashley Calder
Stuart Kyle Cameron
Kayla Cardy
Serena Chan
Jennifer Hyejin Cho
Tammy Chong
Heather Clark
Jacob Clarke
Dalyce Cloes
Kimberly Jodi Dilmohamed
Michael Earle
Sunnie Fang
Corey Fisher
Joelleann Rose Forbes
Sophie Forrester
Cressida Frey
Amanjot Gill
Michael Goldberg
Yuliya Goloida
Taylor Goodleaf
Olga Gorska
Emma Hachey
Genevieve Hayden
Wilson Wing Shun Ho
Robert Howard
Sabrina Hyatt
Elizabeth Ibarra
Viveka Ichikawa
Nathalie Deborah Jacobs
Saeeda Javed
Mackenzie Johnston
Jonathan Brian Kallis
Kelly Anne Kranics
Jessica Larsen-Halikowski
Adrianna LeBlanc
Carlie LeBlanc
Sa Rang Lee
Michelle Lewis
Yun Lin
Brian Longmire
Laura Maida
Travis Major
Haley Moore
Dustin Moreau
Christina Muratore
Brianna Olson
Ashley Marie Patterson
Michelle Pietrus
Natalee Plummer
Taryn Porter
Neervana Ramotar
Julian Raveendran
Rizani Razeed
Jeremy Reinblatt
Fereshteh Samenipour
Michelle Segal
Mona Shannir
Rachel Shentow-Bewsh
Sydney Sheppard
Lacey Sherk
Tharnya Sivanithy
Vaitheki Sivaram
Lynn Sommer
Sherin Surenthiran
Andrea Tenuta
Alanna Tevel
Katrina Tripple
Carol Truong
Lloyd Twum-Siaw
Eirini Ververi
David Viitala
Agata Wesolowski
Beverly Yap