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Nick Doukas

Year Of Study: 5

Nick Doukas is currently in the fifth year of the Doctoral Program at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. He received his graduate degree in social work from the University of Toronto.

For fourteen years, Nick has been working as an addictions therapist in the Concurrent Assessment Inpatient Treatment Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Throughout his tenure with CAMH, he has also worked with the Addiction Medicine Services and Drug Treatment Court.

Nick has had several articles published in the area of substance users in recovery who work in the addiction field, substance use recovery and identity, and older adults prescribed methadone.

Project Title: Understanding the bio-psychosocial factors of older adults in methadone maintenance treatment from a life course perspective

The data for this research will be retrieved from the charts of adults 50 or older in MMT at CAMH. Much of it will be obtained from clinical notes and psychometric scales used by nurses, physicians, and social workers who work with this population. Nick anticipates that the data will provide a historical perspective on the participant’s life.

Part of the study, however, looks at the individual’s current stage in life as an older adult prescribed methadone. Nick is especially interested in the variety of coping strategies that the older adult has developed throughout their life. This is important to understand because it raises awareness of how the various relations and links support and/or create barriers in managing the aging process of a person in MMT.


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