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Important Practicum Information for Students – June 10, 2020

Hello. We hope you are well. A brief note before we provide important information about Practicum II.

Thank you for your flexibility and patience during these challenging times, as we all, including agencies and their field instructors, are observing physical distancing and where possible, offering services remotely. Although you may be concerned about remote practicums, evidence suggests that remote interventions are no less beneficial than in-person interventions. Remote practicums can potentially offer more flexibility and accessibility for both student and field instructor.  This is especially the case for indirect practicum, engaging with project and administrative teams, committees, research and policy.

The purpose of this note is to update you on the Practicum Office’s progress in planning for our Practicum II. Practicum protocols are modified as University and Provincial information is forthcoming.

1.The FIFSW accrediting body –the Canadian Association for Social Work Education -has modified the required minimum practicum hours to 337.5 (49 days based on 7 hour days). This directive is in place until April 2021.

  1. The normal start date for Practicum II is in September 2020. You may begin your practicum anytime between now and mid-November 2020 when you are registered in the course*.  An early start may lead to an early completion. A start as late as November will not compromise completion on April 5, 2021, if the regular schedule (21 hours/week) is maintained. The FIFSW website has a list of current Practicum II offers that may interview or begin now – Practicum Opportunities.
  2. Students currently in (or just completing) Practicum I: If mutually agreed to with your field instructor, your Practicum I course may continue as your Practicum II course. This laddering affords you the opportunity to build on the foundation and skill development you have acquired. Contact the Practicum Office. The practicum will be confirmed on the Practicum Administration System (PAS).
  3. Students may wish to explore practicums in their agencies of employment, volunteering, or seek new paid opportunities that would meet the learning objectives of a social work practicum. Please review the guidelines and complete the application: Volunteer or Employment-based Practicum Guidelines-Application.
  4. At time of writing, all practicums are remote. When the PAS opens in July and you view practicum opportunities, most practicum descriptions will alert you to their status – REMOTE available, In-PERSON only. When allowed, remote learning may revert to in-person learning.
  5. The FIFSW website lists Practicum Opportunities that: 1. have unique schedules and may interview/start this summer; 2. Are outside of the GTA; or, 3. have invited students from a number of academic institutions (competitive). We encourage you to check Practicum Opportunities frequently.
  6. If you reside outside of the GTA, you may wish to consider a practicum in your home community. If so, contact one of the Practicum Coordinators, Mindy Coplevitch or Sun Ooi to explore your ideas.
  7. A Zoom meeting is planned on Thursday July 16, 2020 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. It will focus on the PAS practicum matching and interview process. The zoom invitation and detailed schedule will be forwarded under separate email in a few weeks.

* YEAR 2 and Advanced Standing students are automatically registered in the Practicum II course SWK4702Y for the fall/winter session.

The Practicum Office will continue to update you by email and through the FIFSW website.

Please visit the FIFSW website regularly to view updates and FAQ.

Stay safe.

The FIFSW Practicum Team

Eileen McKee, Assistant Dean Field Education

Mindy Coplevitch, Practicum Coordinator
Sun Ooi, Practicum Coordinator
Denise Russell, Practicum Assistant
Catherine Connochie, Practicum Assistant

Mel LeBlanc, FIFSW Coordinator Indigenous Initiatives


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