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Building Information

of the buPlease report any concerns to the Main Office, Room 250.

Catering ingredients

Caterers are required to provide a list of ingredients for food being served at Faculty events and meetings.

Change table

A baby change table can be found on the 7th floor single-user all-gender washroom.

Door security

Front and back doors of the building are locked after business hours. For the safety of all building guests, do not to prop doors open at any times, including during class breaks.  Should you see a propped door, please close it.

Emergency blue lights

Emergency help buttons (Blue Code) are located at all exit stairwells in the building.

First aid kits

There are 3 kits located in the building – Main Office, Room 250; Dean’s kitchenette, Room 444; and fifth floor kitchenette.

Prayer and Meditation Room

Room 419

The Prayer and Meditation Room, located on the fourth floor of FIFSW, is an inclusive space available to all faith, creed, and spiritual communities. The room can be used for quiet meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices.  As the door will remain unlocked during business hours, it is advisable to keep all personal belongings with you at all times. The University of Toronto assumes no responsibility or liability for any personal belongings left in this room.


The single-user all-gender washrooms on the 3rd, 6th, and 7th floors have been resourced with foot washing bins and watering cans to support washroom etiquette and other prayer related practices.

Alternatively, OISE has two ablution rooms, 12-302 (men’s) and 5-502 (women’s).  Each room is private, has a water source, a stool, hand towel dispenser and waste bin.

Scent-free zone

FIFSW is a scent/fragrance-free building in consideration for those who might have allergies and other related health problems. Please avoid the use of perfume, cologne, hairspray and other scented products. Refer to the university’s Guidelines on the Use of Perfumes and Scented Products for more information.

Student Lounge:

Found in the west end of the third floor, it is equipped with a kitchen, and water bottle fill up station.

There will be occasions that the the Student Lounge is booked for events.  These can be found on our events page, and will be posted on the Lounge doors.


  • Located on each floor behind the elevator bank.
  • Single-user all-gender washrooms can be found on the 3rd, 6th, and 7th floors

Water fountains

Located on each floor near the washrooms, behind the elevator bank.


Please ensure windows are closed and locked before leaving the room, especially during the winter months.