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Multi-Faith Spaces

Prayer and Meditation Room

Room 419

The Prayer and Meditation Room, located on the fourth floor of FIFSW, is an inclusive space available to all faith, creed, and spiritual communities. This space is open during regular building hours.

The room can be used for quiet meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices.  As the door will remain unlocked during business hours, it is advisable to keep all personal belongings with you at all times. The University of Toronto assumes no responsibility or liability for any personal belongings left in this room.

Note that during the month of Ramadan the Prayer and Meditation Room may be in more active use. As the FIFSW faculty grows and the Prayer and Meditation Room evolves, we ask that everyone respect the following shared space expectations to ensure that the room continues to be available to all:

  1. As the Prayer and Meditation Room is shared space, be mindful that others may be waiting for the room.
  2. Keep wall space free and clear.
  3. Keep room neat and tidy, please avoid eating and drinking in the room.
  4. When the Prayer and Meditation Room is in use, please use the ‘occupied’ slider located on the door.  When leaving, return to ‘available’ to allow the next person an opportunity.


To support students, staff, and faculty needs regarding ablution, each of the single-user all-gender washroom on the 3rd, 6th, and 7th floors have been resourced with foot washing bins and watering cans to support washroom etiquette and other prayer related practices. Questions regarding ablution of the Prayer/Meditation Room can be forwarded to the FIFSW EDI Director.

Alternatively, OISE has two ablution rooms, 12-302 (men’s) and 5-502 (women’s).  Each room is private, has a water source, a stool, hand towel dispenser and waste bin.

Students may also visit the university’s Multi-Faith Centre to learn more about other multi-faith spaces on campus, as well as, the various programs and services offered.