Andrew Eaton


MSW Thesis (2016, University of Toronto)
BSW, (2012, Ryerson University)



Andrew Eaton is a second-year PhD student focused on intervention-based research with and for people living with HIV and AIDS, particularly those who are aging and facing cognitive challenges.



Eaton, A. D., Craig, S. L., & Wallace, R. (in press). The intersecting cognitive and aging needs of HIV-positive older adults: Implications for social work practice. Journal of Social Work in Health Care.

Eaton, A. D. (2016). Exploring the role of social work in supporting people affected by HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND). [MSW thesis]. ProQuest Theses and Dissertations Global.

Eaton, A. D., Craig, S. L., Watchorn, J., McCullagh, J., Mukandoli, C., Wallace, R., & McClure, D. (2016). HIV, social work, and brain health: Community report. AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT).


Research Grants Awarded:

Eaton, A. D. (PI), Walmsley, S. L., Craig, S.L., Rourke, S. B., & Fallon, B. A. (2017-2019). Cognitive remediation group therapy to improve older adults’ ability to cope with HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND): A pilot randomized, controlled trial. Pilot Study Funding Program: CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network (CTN). $100,000.

Eaton, A. D. (PI), Chan Carusone, S., Craig, S. L., Telegdi, E., McCullagh, J., McClure, D., Berney, K., Walter, W., Zuniga, L., Boyce, N., Busch, A., Stewart, A., & Strike, C. (2017-2018). The ART of conversation: Developing a peer telephone support program for people living with HIV who use substances and are facing challenges with antiretroviral adherence following hospitalization. Community-Based Research and Evaluation (CBR&E) Grant: Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN). $25,000.

Liboro, R., Shuper, P. A., Ross, L., Eaton, A. D. (Co-I), Medina, C., Pugh, D., & Rae, A. (2016-2017). Addressing the impact of HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND) on the mental health of people living with HIV: Perspectives of community-based service providers on knowledge and preparedness. Capacity Building Grant: OHTN. $5,000.

Eaton, A. D. (PI), Craig, S.L., Watchorn, J., McCullagh, J., Wallace, R., Mukandoli, C., & McClure, D. (2015-2016). Exploring the role of social work in supporting people affected by HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND). CBR&E Grant: OHTN. $12,639.

Watchorn, J., Bilbao-Joseph, C., Cattaneo, J., Bowler, S., Chagoya, C., Hazelton, M., Myslik, J., Ross, A., & Eaton, A. (Co-I). Developing a psychoeducational support group for serodiscordant couples: A collaborative, participatory approach. CBR&E Grant: OHTN. $25,000.


Scholarships and Awards


Flipped Workshop Award in Program Science and Community-Based Research – OHTN (2016).

Graduate Fellowship in Applied Social Work Research – Royal Bank of Canada (2016).

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2016).

Scholarship to the 21st International AIDS Conference – International AIDS Society (2016).