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SWK 6007H: Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Social Work: Grounded Theory Method and Phenomenology: From Design to Data Analyses

This advanced research methods course will delve into two major qualitative designs –grounded theory method and phenomenology. Students will learn key assumptions and methods of these two approaches to facilitate ethical engagement with vulnerable research participants on sensitive topics, while also working towards the highest standards of qualitative rigor. The course will provide students opportunities to familiarize themselves with the nuances of these methodologies, and implications for data collection and analysis. Textual data will be the units of analyses. Open, axial and selective coding will be taught as practiced in the grounded theory tradition, as well as how to conduct thematic analysis for phenomenological based data. Interpretive methods and trustworthiness will be covered as part of the research process. Further, hands on practice will be required for research interviewing and in using NVivo software. Students will be provided data for analyses or may use their own.

This course will be delivered in a seminar style format therefore, students should be comfortable in participating in class discussions, as well as in self-directed learning outside of the classroom. Creative thinking and brainstorming will be encouraged for engaging in this discovery oriented, inductive paradigm.

Pre-requisite required: SWK 6307