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SWK4641H – Special Topics in Social Work in Gerontology: Aging and Health

This course focuses on health-related outcomes of older populations and the health issues as people age. Using a life course perspective, readings, lectures and class discussions will explore the psychosocial issues that affect individual health needs and their family members/caregivers, and how social work intervention can promote health and well-being for clients that social workers may encounter in health, social and community services. This course offers a holistic approach that includes physical, mental-emotional, social and spiritual well-being. We will consider topics such as creating supportive environments in the community, residential living and long-term care and reducing social isolation. We will learn about interventions that support the development of skills for older adults and their families, and how reorienting health services can improve older adults’ health outcomes. We will emphasize interventions that embrace diversity, promote client- and relationship -centered care and focus on evidence-informed practice.