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Deng-Min Chuang


MSW (2012, Graduate Institute of Social Work, National Chengchi University)

BSW (2008, Department of Adult and Continuing Education, National Taiwan Normal University)

B.Ed (2008, Department of Special Education, National Taiwan Normal University)

Research Interests: HIV care, HIV prevention, drug abuse, immigration

Year of Study: 5

Deng-Min has been actively involved in HIV care and HIV prevention in Taiwan and in Toronto for more than a decade. He is a licensed social worker and HIV case manager in Taiwan, and used to work at a community-based organization and drug abuser center for four years. Once established in Toronto, he worked closely with several community-based organizations for improving community engagement and capacity building among racialized immigrants, refugees, and non-status people living with HIV/AIDS.

Deng-Min’s master thesis­ – correlates of empowerment among people living with HIV/AIDS in Taiwan – won him the Best Social Work Thesis Award 2012 from the Taiwan Association of Social Work Education as well as the Best Social Work Thesis Award 2012 from China Association for Social Work Education.

For his doctoral thesis, he is interested in the impact of complex adversities and cultural influences on sexual risk behaviours among men who have sex with men in Taiwan. The aim of this thesis is to examine the etiological factors which may be associated with HIV risk and to discuss possible coping strategies and resilience factors among Taiwanese MSM in order to better inform a novel HIV prevention program.


Selected Publications:

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