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Program of Study: YEAR 1 of MSW Full-Time Program

The first year of the program consists of a generic first year, and all first-year courses are required.

  •  SWK 4102H Social Policy and Social Welfare in the Canadian Context
  •  SWK 4103H Elements of Social Work Practice
  •  SWK 4105H Social Work Practice Laboratory
  •  SWK 4107H Foundations of Social Work: Knowledge, Theory and Values that Inform Practice
  •  SWK 4510H Research for Evidence-Based Social Work Practice
  •  SWK 4602H Social Work Practice with Groups
  •  SWK 4605H Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families
  •  SWK 4654H Social Work Practice in Organizations and Communities
  •  SWK 4701H Social Work Practicum I (January – May 31st)

Total Course Load: 9 Half-Credit Courses [H=.5 credit]

See Program of Study:  MSW YEAR 2 and MSW with ADVANCED STANDING