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Online Resources for Trauma, Violence and Loss

Appropriate for Children and FamiliesHealth and Mental Health

Online Training Modules

Total Practicum Hours:   17.75 hours (12.75 hours training, 5.0 hours written reflection)

Ten online training modules that: increase knowledge about trauma and the impact it has by creating connection, sharing knowledge and resources; describe the origin and function of grief and provide helpful interventions to help clients manage the enumerating losses caused by the pandemic; discuss how therapists can care for themselves and manage compassion fatigue; focus on how traumatic events affect the brain and body; identify the issues of trauma and loss that visit us in today’s pandemic, explore how they influence each other, survey the short- and long-term challenges that are created, and delineate effective strategies for coping with the unique issues posed by COVID-19 trauma and loss; discuss the major barriers to intimacy created in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions that have been imposed on nursing homes and other residential care facilities; investigate links between multiple forms of violence, overlapping causes, risk and protective factors; understand, recognize, and prevent ACEs; understanding the impact of early trauma on the developing child’s brain; Learn how principles of prevention can be implemented at the individual, relationship, societal and community level to create healthy communities free from violence; teach effective first response tools you can use in all disclosure situations

Link to modules: Online Resources for Trauma, Violence and Loss