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Alumni Mentorship Program

Easing the transition from MSW student to professional!

Sponsored by: Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work & Alumni Association

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

View our Mentor/Mentee Relationship Agreement here.

Overview of Program

Over the past twenty years, this program has been connecting graduating MSW students with alumni to ease the transition from being a student to being a professional social worker. Mentors may review resumes, provide information on different agencies within their practice area, and most often and importantly, encourage and give moral support throughout the process. Year after year, students report on how much it means to have someone who has been where they are, as well as, to guide, support, and welcome them to the field.


The goal of the Mentorship Program is to provide the student mentee with assistance in the process of transitioning into the field of social work in their area of interest upon graduation. The program runs from January to May in preparation for graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Alumni Mentorship Program?

The Alumni Mentorship Program matches graduating Master of Social Work students with social work professionals who are working in the field. Mentors share their experiences to support you in your own professional goals.

What might mentors provide?

  • Support and encouragement
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • Job interview skills development
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Tips for your employment search

Who are the mentors ?

Mentors are alumni of the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work who volunteer their time and skills to give back to graduating MSW students. Mentors come from all areas of practice and have experience in many different fields of social work.

“Really great opportunity to meet and learn from one another. Provided them with info I wish I had!”
– 2022 Alumni Mentor

Who are the mentees?

Mentees are current MSW students who are graduating at the end of the current academic year. This program is only meant to support students who finishing their programs and are about to transition into their careers as professional social workers.

Where does the program take place?

The Alumni Mentorship Program will be conducted through the FIFSW’s new Connect platform. This platform will be the main space for how matches are made, where important updates are posted, and where mentorship milestones can be found. However, mentees and mentors are free to use methods of communication outside of the platform.

Please note that there may be scheduled program events that occur in-person/on-site at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work. These events are optional for mentees and mentors but are wonderful opportunities to participate in activities and network with others.

How are matches made?

The FIFSW Connect algorithm automatically creates matches based upon information such as mentors’ career industries, location, position, capacity to mentor, responsiveness, and other information from the user profile.

How/When do I begin my mentorship?

We hope to notify mentors/mentees of their matches before the December 2023 holiday break. The mentee is responsible for making initial contact with their mentor and actively communicating with their mentor. The mentoring relationship will be what you make of it. The more effort you put in, the more beneficial it will be for you.

How long do mentorships last?

The Alumni Mentorship Program runs from January to May 2024. Some connections may continue with mutual agreement.  We encourage all mentors and mentees to discuss this further.

What is the cost?

There is no cost to either the student or the mentor. FIFSW and the Alumni Association fund the majority of the costs associated with the Alumni Mentoring Program.

What if I have questions about the program or match?

The Recruitment and Student Life Officer in the Office of Student Services & Registrar oversees this program and will be more than happy to answer questions or concerns regarding the program or your match. The Recruitment and Student Life Officer may be reached via email:

Mentor/Mentee Relationship Agreement

Mentoring Program 101

  • Make a connection, build a relationship, and learn from an MSW alumni’s experience
  • Enjoy the support and encouragement
  • Participate in MSW specific resume and cover letter workshops
  • Participate in networking with other professionals

 My mentor was very helpful. I shared goals for our mentorship relationship, and she has addressed each one and supported me extensively.” – 2022 MSW Mentee


The mentor will work jointly with the mentee on the following tasks over a series of connections:

  • Develop a clear overview concept of the mentee’s area of interest, what this field entails in terms of required knowledge and skills, short-term and long-term roles and the fit with the mentee’s education, skills and prior work, volunteer, and other experience.
  • Provide tangible assistance that will help the mentee to prepare a strong resume for job searches, approach to finding both advertised and ‘hidden’ job opportunities, advice on interviewing techniques, direct toward potential employment opportunities, and generally provide support and encouragement in what can be a challenging process for a new social work graduate.
  • Serve as a sounding board for the mentee regarding particular job opportunities, decision-making among opportunities, and any difficulties encountered during the job search process.

Limitations of Scope

  • The mentor is not expected to find the mentee a job. The mentor will help the mentee locate opportunities and to prepare for success in securing an appropriate position.
  • The mentee and the mentor will negotiate and mutually agree on the amount of time to be devoted to the mentoring process. The mentor will understand that the mentee is very busy with courses and field placement. The mentee will understand that the mentor’s time is valuable and may be limited due to professional demands and other commitments.

Meetings and Milestones

It is suggested that contact be made between mentor and mentee by January 31st, 2024 to reach a clear understanding of relationship guidelines and specific assistance that the mentor can render and areas where the mentor does not have the necessary background, contacts, etc.

Following this initial period, contact is suggested via email, by phone, video meeting or in person as agreed upon by both mentor and mentee. Meetings and/or telephone calls should be booked in advance to ensure that goals and objectives are met.

Throughout the program, mentorship milestones will be sent out periodically via the FIFSW Connect platform. Examples of milestones may include (but are not limited to): setting up your first meeting, helping a mentee develop an ‘elevator pitch’, discussing tips around their resumes, and such. These milestones are intended to be used to help guide mentors in assisting their mentees.


If there are any questions/concerns about the match or the goals of the mentoring relationship, please feel free to contact your Recruitment and Student Life Officer, Kim Duong, via email: