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The CRIB’s COVID-19 social media broadcast tackles questions of ‘race, place and class’

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The novel coronavirus can infect anyone, but it’s not necessarily the “great equalizer” that some make it […]

New online series presented by The CRIB explores the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations


On Wednesday, April 15, The Centre for Research and Innovation for Black Survivors of Homicide Victims (The […]

New research centre addresses the ‘far-reaching ripple effect’ of homicide violence on Black communities

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  While homicide violence disproportionately affects Black communities worldwide – including in Canada – the University of Toronto’s Tanya L. […]

How to talk to youth reeling from the Iran plane crash: CBC News consults Associate Professor Tanya L. Sharpe

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As family, friends, and others, grapple with the death of 176 passengers on the Ukraine International Airlines […]

Prof. Tanya L. Sharpe interviewed by Global News on the traumatic impact of the Dafonte Miller assault case

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Prof. Tanya L. Sharpe interviewed by Global News on the trial of Michael and Christian Theriault. The brothers Theriault are jointly charged with aggravated assault in the December 2016, beating of Dafonte Miller. The trial raises issues of structural racism and its impact on Black communities.

Warning: Graphic images of violence

Prof. Tanya Sharpe deputation in support of Race-Based Data Collection Policy

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  The Toronto Police Services Board’s Race-Based Data Collection Policy is aimed at addressing racist discriminatory practice. […]

Prof. Tanya Sharpe on shootings in Toronto

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In a recent CTV News interview, Professor Tanya Sharpe emphasizes the lack of opportunity to have equitable access to education, secure employment and housing among unmet needs causing increase in gang activity in Toronto.

Prof. Tanya Sharpe interview on CTV News on the impact of gun violence

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Professor Tanya Sharpe interviewed on CTV News be Beverly Thomson exploring the devastating impact of gun violence, the ensuing trauma, and possible strategies to support gun and homicide violence victims.

Prof. Tanya Sharpe recipient of Distinguished Alumni Award

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Professor Tanya Sharpe is the 2019 recipient of the Boston College School of Social Work Distinguished Alumni Award. The award ceremony will take place on February 1, 2019.