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Carmen Logie selected as a delegate for the 2024 Science Meets Parliament program

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Professor Carmen LogieProfessor Carmen Logie has been selected as a Delegate for the 2024 Science Meets Parliament program, hosted by the Canadian Science Policy Centre in partnership with Canada’s Chief Science Advisor Dr. Mona Nemer.

The Science Meets Pariliament Program helps strengthen the connection between science and policy communities, and provides an opportunity for researchers to learn about the inclusion of scientific evidence in policy making in Parliament.

The program has been held three times since 2018. During these events, over 100 emerging leaders of the scientific community from across Canada were brought to the Canadian Parliament for extensive meetings with Parliamentarians, and attendance at the House and Senate standing committees. Scientists were able to learn first-hand about Parliamentary work and policy making and discuss their research with Parliamentarians.

The 2024 program is scheduled to take place in Ottawa on May 6th and 7th, subject to Parliament being in session and in person.

Logie is Canada Research Chair in Global Health Equity and Social Justice with Marginalized Populations and has a vision of the world where everyone has an equal right to health, regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, geography or any other social factor. Logie and her research team examine the social factors that shape sexual and reproductive health and rights, including stigma and discrimination. Their work engages sexually and gender diverse people, ethno-racial minorities, and migrant and displaced persons from areas such as Toronto, northern Canada, Jamaica, Haiti and Uganda in community-based research. By shining a light on the social factors behind unequal access to HIV and STI testing, treatment and care, they are providing critical information that will improve healthcare practices, programs, policy and research.