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“Reclaiming narratives from the shadows of gun violence” — how a group of women engaged in community-building, empowerment and advocacy through art

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This past Fall, a group of Somali-Canadian women in Toronto’s north-west end came together in an effort […]

Empowering youth as researchers to improve access to abortion

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While abortion services and accurate information on reproductive health are vital to our health and wellbeing, access […]

New funding from the Government of Canada to strengthen access to abortion services will support research by Stephanie Begun and the Youth Wellness Lab 

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On May 9, the Government of Canada announced more than $4.2 million in funding to strengthen access […]

FIFSW researchers breaking new ground in partnership with U of T’s Institutional Strategic Initiatives

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U of T’s Institutional Strategic Initiatives (ISI) portfolio facilitates tri-campus interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers at U of […]

Stephanie Begun partners with Second City to explore how improv can cultivate confidence in marginalized youth


Shortly before the pandemic, social work professor Stephanie Begun put up some flyers for a free improv […]

Engaging youth as researchers: The Youth Wellness Lab flips the script

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Cam Bautista knows the feeling of being a token youth representative – a “box that needs to […]