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When pandemics collide: FIFSW professors refocus on HIV in the COVID-19 era

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Amid singular attention to the COVID-19 emergency, three FIFSW professors are calling attention to the other major — and ongoing —pandemic of the last century: AIDS.

Professor Peter A. Newman, Associate Professor Carmen Logie and Professor David Brennan each have a publication in the journal AIDS & Behaviour, Volume 24, Issue 6. This issue premiers a focus on HIV and COVID-19, addressing the potentially devastating impact of the most recent global pandemic on the HIV response. The issue also explores lessons learned from 40 years of community-based HIV initiatives that can be applied to the COVID-19.

HIV, like COVID-19, continues to exact a devastating toll on marginalized populations in Canada and globally.

Below are links to each of the articles.

How to Have Sex in an Epidemic Redux: Reinforcing HIV Prevention in the COVID-19 Pandemic, by Peter A. Newman & Adrian Guta

How Do We Balance Tensions Between COVID-19 Public Health Responses and Stigma Mitigation? Learning from HIV Research, by Carmen H. Logie & Janet M. Turan

How Might Social Distancing Impact Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Trans and Two-Spirit Men in Canada? By David J. Brennan, Kiffer G. Card, David Collict, Jody Jollimore & Nathan J. Lachowsky