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Therapy Dogs visit ITR students at FIFSW

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two students petting a dog in a classroom

On Tuesday, May 7, 2024, students and faculty in FIFSW’s Indigenous Trauma and Resiliency field of study welcomed some visitors to the classroom: Sunshine Therapy Dogs.

ITR Instructor pets a small white dog

The friendly pups gave the students a welcome break from their third week-long intensive course and helped them manage the stress and high emotions that can arise after learning about and discussing some of the difficult subjects addressed in class. The dogs also demonstrated an alternative approach to therapy for the students to experienced first hand — and the importance of making time for that therapy and medicine in our lives.

One students jugs a dog while another looks on

The Master of Social Work, Indigenous Trauma and Resiliency (ITR) field of study emphasizes a strong connection between personal, cultural, professional, and academic development. Grounded in North American Indigenous values and inspired by Indigenous traditions from around the globe, its curriculum combines evidence-based practice with healing and ceremony drawn from Indigenous traditions. The in-person intensive courses cover topics such as historical and generational trauma, grief and loss, and sexual abuse and assault.

two students pet a dog in a classroom

It was some of the dogs’ second session to the Faculty this year. In April they visited students in the two-year and advanced standing Master of Social Work programs.

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