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Memory Still Lingers by Saira Shafiq Khan honours the remnants of past selves

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FIFSW students often produce creative work, including drawings, paintings, collage, video projects and more. A number of these art-based projects are created as part of course work. Some are developed as part of a co-curricular initiatives. All offer an alternative way to explore, understand, and communicate knowledge, ideas and experiences — as well as inspire action and foster a sense of community. To view more student art, click here.

Memory Still Lingers

By Saira Shafiq Khan

This is a vertical-oriented mixed media artwork where washi tape, kraft paper, and green, brown, and yellow shapes border a drawing at the centre. The drawing is of a face with neutral expression with three dots under each eye, wearing a yellow head covering. There are multiple white water droplets surrounding this face. At the bottom left corner, there is text on kraft paper that reads, "In the process of becoming and unbecoming, remembering and forgetting, upir memory still lingers".

“In the process of becoming and unbecoming, remembering and forgetting, your memory still lingers.” This mixed media piece is based on my experience of finding warmth, familiarity and resilience in my past selves. It alludes to honouring the remnants of those selves and memories associated with them as I grow into my current and future identities.


Memory Still Lingers was created for the exhibition The Art of Resistance, curated by the collective FIFSW Art Action.

 The Art of Resistance showcases the creative work of FIFSW students on the margins, who were invited to share their lived experiences of struggle and resistance in academia through art. For those who may have missed the Art Wall exhibition in April 2022 (and those who would like to view it again), The Art of Resistance exhibition has been relaunched in a virtual gallery.

Click here to learn more.

Saira is a student of the two-year MSW program and a multidisciplinary artist passionate about exploring the intersections of art, mental health, and social justice. She shares her artwork under the moniker: another aesthete.