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“It Goes under the Radar!”: Study by Lin Fang, Eunjung Lee and collaborators examine youths’ experiences of anti-Asian racism

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Associate Professor Lin FangA new study, led by Associate Professor Lin Fang in collaboration with the Hong Fook Mental Health Association, explores youth’s experiences with anti-Asian racism and their perspective on how anti-Asian racism is formed and maintained.

Published in the journal Youth & Society, the study is co-authored by Professor Eunjung Lee, Kimberley Chan, Maria Al-Raes, and Eumela Nuesca.

The researchers recruited 36 Asian youth (ranging between 14 to 23 years-old) to attend semi-structured focus groups and interviews about their experiences and reflections with racism. The youth shared that anti-Asian racism is pervasive but often inconspicuous; however during the COVID-19 pandemic, discrimination, violence and hate against Asians became more overt. “COVID-19 served to lift the thin veil on more explicit acts of verbal and physical racial violence toward Asians,” write the researchers.


Read the full article: “It Goes under the Radar!”: In/Visibility of Anti-Asian Racism from a Canadian Youth Perspective.

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