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Worried that a loved one has an eating disorder? Kyle Ganson provides some tips for parents, caregivers and friends


There’s been a significant increase in the number of people seeking help from the National Eating Disorder […]

Male eating disorders are often overlooked — Kyle Ganson aims to change that


Soon after Kyle Ganson started his social work career supporting teens with poor mental health, he noticed […]

New study by Kyle Ganson links employment insecurity to anxiety and depression among young adults during COVID-19


Young adults may be less susceptible to the serious adverse health effects of COVID-19, but they have […]

Q&A: Assistant Professor Kyle Ganson’s research addresses gaps in knowledge related to eating disorders and muscle-enhancing behaviours among boys and men


Although eating disorders among women are extensively studied, they aren’t as well researched among boys and men, […]

New study finds that anxiety and depression are associated with medical care avoidance during the coronavirus pandemic


  Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been empirical and anecdotal reports of declines […]

News release: Legal performance-enhancing substances associated with future problematic alcohol use


A new study led by Assistant Professor Kyle T. Ganson found that young adults aged 18-26 who […]