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Toronto Star article cites research by Professor David Hulchanski on the link between race and social inequality in Toronto

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The City of Toronto has launched a campaign to address the effect that anti-Black racism has on mental health, and Dr. Kwame McKenzie, CEO of the Wellesley Institute and a Professor of Psychiatry at University of Toronto, wrote an article for the Toronto Star on why this initiative is so vital.

His article explores some of the causes of stress among Toronto’s Black population, including social inequalities. He cites research by FIFSW Professor David Hulchanski.

Prof. David Hulchanski at the University of Toronto has shown that Toronto is three cities that have different trajectories. City 1 is downtown and is getting richer compared to the rest of Toronto. City 2 surrounds it and has not seen a significant change in earnings, while City 3, the inner suburbs, has seen a 50 to 100 per cent decrease in average earnings compared to City 1 over the last 35 years. City 1 is 84 per cent white. City 3 is 28 per cent white.

As part of its campaign, the City has declared Monday, March 2 Black Mental Health Day. Black Mental Health Day will be celebrated on the first Monday or March every year.

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