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Racism on the frontlines: Keith Adamson’s discusses what social workers and social service workers can do to address racism


On November 4, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream Keith Adamson presented the the keynote address “Racism at the Front Lines” at the Ontario College of Social Worker and Social Service Workers 2020 Educational Forums.

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In his talk, Adamson discussed what racism is, what racism looks like in Canada, and its impact on people of colour. His presentation implored social workers and social service workers to take steps to remedy and promote healing, both within their own practice and within the communities and clients they serve. He also shared his thoughts around advocacy and what social workers and social service workers can do in order to address racism at all levels.

Adamson holds more than 20 years of progressive senior management experience in clinical, management and professional practice leadership roles, as well as expertise in Clinical Governance at Mackenzie Health , Women’s College Hospital, St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto, and Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. His management roles have expanded from providing a professional practice lens for the Social Work profession to being responsible for the professional practice of other health disciplines, as well.

Adamson’s research focuses on innovative pedagogical approaches to interprofessional education and practice, and new roles for social work within a changing healthcare system. He also explores how compassionate care and empathy can be enhanced in social work education through collaboration with service users, clients and their families.