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Research on the vulnerability of LGBTQI youth by Professor Peter Newman and PhD graduate Sophia Fantus is featured in Maclean’s

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Professor Charles Fensham, a professor of systematic theology at the University of Toronto’s Knox College, recently spoke to Maclean’s about his new book Misguided Love: Christians and the Rupture of LGBTQI2+ People.

In his interview, he describes how work by FIFSW Professor Peter Newman and recent PhD graduate Sophia Fantus inspired him to write about issues of LGBTQ2+ equality, conservative Christianity and the need for change.

“As my research commenced, I discovered that things were worse than I anticipated,” Fensham told Maclean’s. “The research of Peter Newman and Sophia Fantus at the University of Toronto, Social Work has shown just how vulnerable LGBTQI youth are in religious schools in our city. The harm being done by the Christian religion right now in our Canadian context remains staggering. This needed to stop, and I needed to create a resource that addressed the hatred and anger against sexual and gender minorities in religious contexts.”

Click here to read the full article in Maclean’s: “LGBTQ people and ‘the harm being done by the Christian religion’.”